How to access FastVPN account panel?

Prerequisite for Router and Windows Built In Setup

  • FastVPN Network Credentials
  • Server Location
You can access to your FastVPN Account Panel via Namecheap main Dashboard by clicking on the FastVPN icon:

You will be redirected to your FastVPN Account Panel:

You will find your Network credentials including network username and password that you will need for your router setup or Windows built-in VPN setup.

Just click on the Eye icon and your password will be visible in order for you to use it for the manual VPN setup:

To get a Server Location Name, simply use the Server location scrolling menu and choose your preferred location:

Once chosen, the required Server Location Name will be shown:

In order to downloads all locations ovpn files for some routers or Linux, click on "download all .ovpn UDP files" or "download all .ovpn TCP files":

That's it!
 If you need any further assistance, please contact our Support Team.
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