.LAW domain registration requirements

The .LAW domain is a new gTLD for the legal community, providing an exclusive online space for qualified lawyers and authorized legal institutions that meet the domain’s eligibility policy.

To register a .LAW domain name, the registrant must specify their full official name in the Name and/or Organization fields in the Registrant Contact section and be one of the following:

  • A qualified lawyer - a professional who is licensed by a Legal Regulator to practice law and is identifiable as a currently licensed practitioner in the public records kept by the relevant Legal Regulator. A lawyer with inactive or non-practicing status who is not authorized to provide regulated legal services under the rules of their Legal Regulator is not eligible to register .LAW domains.
  • A law firm - a partnership or incorporated entity formed by one or more Qualified Lawyers to engage in the practice of law. In jurisdictions where applicable, a Law Firm must be authorized by a Legal Regulator to provide legal services.
  • A court of law - an organization of government enacted by international, national, or state legislation that has the authority to adjudicate legal disputes between parties and carry out the administration of justice in a given jurisdiction.
  • A law school - an institution approved by a Legal Regulator or a recognized regulator of education to provide academic or vocational legal education as part of a process for becoming a Qualified Lawyer within a given jurisdiction.
  • A legal regulator - an institution that is enacted and/or approved by international, national, or state legislation to regulate the provision of legal services in a given jurisdiction.

NOTE: The .LAW registry will use an independent validation company to verify registrants meet eligibility requirements by requesting them to provide further information or supporting documentation deemed necessary. In case a registrant does not meet the eligibility criteria, the registry may suspend or delete the domain without a refund.
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