How to change upload filesize limit in WordPress multisite

The upload file size limit controls the size of a single file that can be uploaded via any means within the website. Most often, you encounter it in your Media gallery, when uploading a new file:

By default, it  tends to be low (around 13MB). If you plan to host a website with a lot of media content or want to upload custom themes and plugins, it will be necessary to increase this limit.

PHP settings in the cPanel

First, you’ll need to check what PHP settings are applied to the whole of cPanel. Select one of the following guides (based on your hosting type) to find out how to change your PHP version:

WordPress multisite specifics

If you run multiple sites from one WordPress account (WordPress Multisite) the process is slightly different. While in regular WordPress it is enough to edit the wp-config.php file for a single website, in WordPress Multisite it is necessary to adjust the Network settings.

Log into your main site dashboard and click My Sites >> Network Admin >> Settings:

Scroll down to the Upload Settings block:

Site upload space: the total space uploads can occupy for each child website
Max upload file size: the maximum size of any file uploaded, regardless of its extension

These two limits have to correspond to each other so that the total space allocated is higher than a single allowed file size. When increasing both keep in mind that it will be instantly applied to all the websites within the Network.

NOTE: the limit is counted in KB - kilobytes.

Make sure to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to apply the updates!

The file storage disk space can also be increased or decreased for each website individually. If this step is skipped, all child websites follow the main network settings.

Go to Network Admin >> Sites menu:

Choose the website you want to edit and proceed to the Settings tab:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Site Upload Space Quota section:

After updating the limit for a specific website click Save Changes.

 Now it is possible to upload bigger files within any hosted website in this installation, or gives websites a lower file limit.

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