How to set up Personal Nameservers in InterWorx

InterWorx allows you to register your own Personal Nameservers (e.g. and

First of all, you need to obtain IP addresses to point your personal nameservers to. You can check them in the Server Welcome Email or contact us via Chat Support in order for the Hosting team to double-check them for you.

Once you have your IP addresses, you can go further and register the nameservers.

NOTE: If your domain is registered with a third-party registrar, please contact them for the nameservers setup assistance.

When you have done the above mentioned steps successfully, there is time to add the Personal Nameservers to the InterWorx account following the next simple steps.

1. Login to the InterWorx and navigate to the DNS Server section >> Overview.

Old version:

If you are using the new interface, go to the System Services >> DNS Server >> Overview:

2. On the next page, paste your Nameservers into the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS fields.

Old version:

New version:

3. It is needed to create A records for and values in the DNS zone for on the side of InterWorx using the following steps: menu DNS server >> Zones >> Records for >> Add a new record. From the Add a New dropdown, select the A type of record.

Adding new A records requires the following information:
  • Host: and

  • TTL: The number of seconds that a record will be considered valid by a server caching the information.

  • IPv4: The IPv4 address where the record should be pointed.

Allow 24-72 hours for the DNS changes to propagate worldwide and enjoy your hosting.

That’s it!

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