Reseller hosting packages comparison

Reseller Hosting is your gateway to the world of online entrepreneurship. In essence, Reseller Hosting allows you to become a hosting provider for your clients.

That’s why Namecheap offers cPanel-based Reseller Hosting plans, which allows you to create separate accounts in WHM (the main control panel). Here you’ll be able to offer your clients separate cPanel accounts with all the necessary features included: file manager, email accounts, resource control, development options, security features, SSH access, and more.

Below you’ll find the major highlighted differences between the Reseller Hosting plans Namecheap offers:

The number of cPanel accounts

Disk space and operational resources

Email service usage

WHMCS Licensing

The number of cPanel accounts

Each Reseller Hosting plan has a set number of cPanel resold accounts to create:

Galaxy Expert
Universe Pro

PLEASE NOTE: The cPanel number limit that’s assigned to each plan is not possible to increase. If you would like to manage more than 150 resold accounts, you can check our VPS Hosting plans or our Dedicated Server Hosting plans. More information about cPanel limits and the prices for various types of hosting can be found here.

Disk space and operational resources

Reseller Hosting not only has the server resource limits applied to the whole WHM account but also to each individual cPanel account within it. These restrictions are necessary to maintain the stability of the server performance. Feel free to check out more information about the differences between cPanel and WHM.

Resource TypeNebula   Galaxy ExpertUniverse Pro
CPU Limit (%)800
Physical Memory Limit, GB4812
maxEntryProc limit, N80160240
IO, MB/s20484096  6144
Reseller account disk space30 GB90 GB150 GB

The reseller has the ability to limit the number of cPanel accounts created. More detailed information about LVE server resources may be found here.

According to our email service usage policy, the following restrictions for sending out emails are as follows:
  • Nebula - no more than 50 messages/hour per domain name
  • Galaxy - no more than 200 messages/hour per domain name
  • Universe Pro - no more than 200 messages/hour per domain name
The email-related limits are applied to a single domain name hosted on a server. Meaning, the limit is applies to all mailboxes created with this domain name.

With Galaxy and Universe Pro plans, it’s possible to create an unlimited number of total mailboxes while the Nebula plan offers 30 email addresses for all hosted domain names and subdomains. The same limit is applied to forwarded emails and auto responses.

WHMCS is a popular tool for managing the billing-related operations of your clients' accounts. Namecheap Reseller Hosting offers the following types of WHMCS licenses:

WHMCS License TypeNebula   Galaxy ExpertUniverse Pro
WHM Control Panel+
WHMCS Starter License
WHMCS Plus License
WHMCS Professional License
$27.00/mo$27.00/mo  $27.00/mo
WHMCS Business License$48.00/mo$48.00/mo $48.00/mo

Congrats! Now you know the differences between the types of Reseller Hosting plans.

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