Private Email Plans Comparison

In this article, you can find the comparison table of the current Private Email plans (Universal, Business, Business Office) as well as the previous Private Plan.

NOTE1: If you are already using our Private Plan, you are still able to use/renew/purchase mailboxes as usual.

NOTE 2: In case you want to upgrade your Private plan to another one, it will be impossible to change the plan back to Private.

Private (outdated)
   Universal Business
Business Office
Plan price/year

 $28.88  $49.88
Price for additional mailbox/year
$2.98 $4.88
 $14.88  $35.88
File Storage
1GB 2GB  10GB  15GB
Email Storage 3GB 5GB 10GB 10GB
Price per GB (total storage) $2.47 $1.70 $1.44
1 10 10 10
Mailbox included 1 1 1
Max attachment size 55MB 55MB 55MB
Full Mobile Support - - +


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