What is your order invoices and receipts policy?

Recently, our policy regarding order invoices and receipts was changed.

Once you submit your order with us and the purchase has gone through successfully, we’ll provide you with a corresponding order receipt. This document is created for your records, and it provides information about the details of an order and confirms it has been received by us for to fulfill.

Namecheap is a US-based company, and current legal and accounting regulations are applicable for us. These regulations do not require us to issue invoices for services sold in online stores. Moreover, billing for services before providing them may be considered as illegal. In this regard, many online companies do not provide invoices, but instead send receipts after a purchase is made.

Unlike a receipt, an invoice is a document which specifies what a buyer needs to pay the merchant (according to the merchant’s payment terms) before the purchase is made. Payment terms indicate the maximum amount of time that a buyer has to pay for the goods and/or services that they have purchased from the merchant.
The invoice flow is the following: once you received the invoice, you make a payment in accordance with the sum indicated in the document.
Then, it is sent back, and only then the service is provided to you.
Taking into account the aforementioned, Namecheap does not support an invoicing system, as we do not provide any documents before a purchase is made.

Please note that the original receipt provided by Namecheap at the time of purchase is considered the official, legally controlling documentation. In this regard, we cannot assist with updating the information on already generated order receipts.

Currently, we do not provide consolidated documents for more than one order made in separate transactions with us.
The great news is that we are working on adding this functionality to the Account Panel.

You are welcome to download your order receipts directly from the account using the instructions described here.

If you have any further questions regarding our order receipts and invoices policy, please submit a ticket to our Billing/Sales department.
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