When should I contact the Namecheap Legal and Abuse department?

The Legal and Abuse department is responsible for processing any complaints received about abuse or violations associated with services provided by Namecheap — for example, domain registration, hosting, Private Email (and others). The team also communicates the reported abuse or violations to our customers requesting to cease such activity or informing about taking a restrictive action.

I have an abuse-related request about my service

If you are a Namecheap customer and wish to raise a request about a service suspended for abuse, a locked domain, or a trademarked domain removal, please submit a ticket choosing the "Abuse Cases" department. Alternatively, send an email to legalandabuse@namecheap.com.

I wish to submit an abuse complaint

If you wish to submit an abuse complaint, check this article. For more information about Namecheap policies on abuse, refer to Namecheap Universal Terms of Service Agreement and Web Hosting - Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
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