Tips to help you increase your affiliate sales

We've put together a checklist of tips and tricks to get you through the most important part of the Affiliate Journey – making that first sale.

1. Link to a Landing Page

You can promote a specific product and make sure your audience find it on our website easily by adding a direct link to its landing page.

The following links are examples of Namecheap product pages you can direct your audience to:

2. Offer coupons

Offer something every user loves and looks forward to – coupons! Our current offer coupons are sure to increase your conversions and attract more referrals your way.

3. Banners for everyone

Brighten up your website with one of our colorful banners to grab the attention of your audience, and promote the best of deals we have.

4. Use our widget

Install our widget to allow your audience buy domains straight from your website. This is a great time-saving option to get more sales. You can customize the color and size of the widget to better suit your blog design.

5. Post regularly

With affiliate marketing, your website content is one of the main forces pushing your sales forward. The more product reviews, excerpts of visitor feedback, and other pieces of useful information you can publish on your blog or website, the greater the chance you have of attracting visitors.

Regular posting engages your audience, establishes credibility and tends to improve website traffic and SEO. It's also important to reuse your old articles so you can refer new users to the advertisers you talked about previously again.

6. Choose a content style

Here are some examples of things to post on your site on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged. Most of these could also double up as a place for your affiliate links:

  • "How-To" guides
  • Product reviews
  • Product or price comparisons
  • "Best of" Post
  • Video tutorials
  • Email newsletters
Add your affiliate links to the content type you think would best suit your website. The higher the quality of the content you post, the better your website will rank among other search results.

7. Generate more traffic

For this step, you can experiment with numerous methods, such as building an email list of your subscribers, promoting your content via social media and diving into the world of search engine optimization (SEO).

The sky's the limit here, but your efforts will pay off once your audience turns into your referrals.

Useful materials:

  • Read our article on some of the tips mentioned above
  • Here you can check the guide on researching the right keywords for your pages.
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