Namecheap Affiliate Program Beginners Guide

It's time to start promoting products and receiving your affiliate income! This guide will show you the tools you can use in your affiliate campaigns and where to find them, how to check your affiliate activity, withdraw your earnings and what to do if the commission for a specific order was not assigned.

Here you can find the necessary steps to set you off on your affiliate journey.

If you haven’t already applied to our Affiliate Program through one of the networks we support, please feel free to apply now. All applications are subject to an approval period.

Affiliate Links

How your affiliate link works

For many, the best way to start promoting our services would be a simple affiliate link, which leads your referrals to Namecheap’s homepage. When someone visits the Namecheap website through your affiliate link, a cookie with your affiliate ID gets dropped on their computer. It is then used to track the order this user completes and mark it as an affiliate one.

Our tracking cookie will remain valid for 30 days, so your visitor can complete the purchase at any moment during 30 days after clicking your link.

Link to a specific landing page

Would you prefer to focus on advertising a specific service or promotion and send your visitors right to its dedicated landing page? You can create a special link and save your audience some time looking for the necessary product. This feature is also great for websites that talk about a specific product that one of our services compliments.

Link to a domain search result

If you are looking to save some time for your visitors and make the domain purchase process quicker, you can also create links straight to the domain search result page with the specific domain they have chosen.

This is helpful for those who create brand or domain name generator websites or applications, like or

Please feel free to use these templates depending on your affiliate network.

Text links and banners

Your affiliate account contains plenty of pre-made text links and colorful banners you can place on your site. These attention grabbers sometimes include promotional deals and sales, which are always popular with clients.


Sharing our discount coupon codes can be an effective way of attracting new customers, driving more purchases to Namecheap, and increasing your commission. We offer coupons for different sets of products, so you can choose the ones your audience will be most interested in.

You can find available coupon codes in your affiliate account and share them on your website, as well as through other promotional channels, to attract your visitors’ attention.

Domain Search Widget

We have launched our own Domain Search Widget available in all of our affiliate networks. It will help your audience purchase domains straight from your website. A time saving option to get more sales.

Customize its size and color, place it on your website and watch your commissions grow! Here are some examples of what the widget can look like on your website:

Get Paid

Once you have enough funds in your affiliate account, you can withdraw them to your preferred payout option. Here you can find more details on this process.

Impact Radius
Available payment options: Electronic Funds Transfer, PayPal.
Minimum withdrawal amount: the equivalent of $10 USD.

1. Add your bank information in More > Settings > Withdrawal Settings.

Choose your payment method, and add the required info:

  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT):

1) Bank Location Country — select the country where your bank is located.
2) Beneficiary Account Name — input the beneficiary account name of the bank account you're adding. This name must exactly match your name (or company name) that you submitted on your tax form.
3) Bank Account Number / IBAN — input your bank account number.
4) Bank Account Type — select your account type, eg: checking or savings.
5) ABA Routing Number / Swift Code — input the routing number unique to your bank or financial institution.

  • PayPal: Add the email address of your PayPal account.
2. Set your Payout Scheduling to determine when to withdraw your account balance.

You can also find the Payment Scheduling option on the Withdrawal Settings page, under the bank information fields. You can choose between the two options:
  • Select pay me when my balance reaches threshold to automatically receive your funds whenever your balance reaches the indicated threshold of $10 or more.
  • Select pay me on a fixed day of the month to withdraw your funds on either the 1st or the 15th of each month. Your account balance must still meet the minimum threshold of $10 before you can receive your account balance.
3. Submit the necessary tax form through Impact.

As Namecheap is based within the US, federal law requires that a tax document be submitted by any Partners prior to payments being issued. Partners can choose between a W9, W8-BEN, and W8-BEN-E when determining which tax document to submit.

The W-8BEN ( is to be used by nonresident foreign individuals, while the W-8BEN-E ( ) is to be used by foreign businesses. Should you have questions regarding the information the documents request, we suggest reaching out to the IRS directly, as they will be able to provide the most accurate insight.

Commission Junction
Available payment options: there are multiple check and direct deposit payment options depending on where you reside. Also, CJ has partnered with Payoneer to offer payments in local currencies around the world.

Minimum withdrawal amount:

Go to the Account > Administrative Settings tab to fill in or update your Payment or Tax information. Check this article for more details on what needs to be entered for this step.

In order to check the amount available for payment and your pending commissions, click the drop-down button with your balance at the top of the page and select Balance Details.

Payout occurs on (or around) the 20th of the month. Publishers get a payment if they have enough closed commissions to meet their minimum payment threshold. Learn more in the article on Payment Settings and Minimums.

If a publisher does not meet their minimum payment amount, the unpaid earnings are rolled over to the next month, and appear as part of their Balance forward from last month in their Balance Details. Review your Balance Details Report by navigating to Reports > Balance Details. More information about balance details reports is available in the Transaction Reports.

You can view your payment status and payment history by clicking on your account balance in the top right corner of your CJ Account Manager and selecting Payment Status.

Available payment options: check sent by mail or by FedEx, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer.
Minimum withdrawal amount: $50 USD.

In order to fill in or manage your payment details, please click Payment at the top of the Dashboard and select Payment Settings. There, you can enter the address for the Check via Postal Mail option. Also, you can enable Direct Deposit or Wire Deposit options.

Payments are sent out on the 20th of every month, for the previous month's locked commissions. So, commissions that you earn in January, for example, are eligible for payment on February 20th. If the 20th falls on a weekend, payments are sent out on the following Monday.

Every payment is listed in your Activity Details report. You will also notice your balance decrease when a payment is issued.

You can also use the Report: Past Revenue page to display historical payment information. However, this report is only updated once per month, so recent payment information will not be shown.

Check Your Reports

Impact Radius
To view all available reports in Impact, select Reports > All Reports.

You can find the details of your transactions in the Action Listing report:

It is important to monitor different metrics and make necessary adjustments in time in order to make your campaigns even more successful. Impact provides all necessary reports to analyze your data from different angles: Performance by Ad, Device, Geo Location, Promo Code, Product, etc.

Use these to check which regions and cities are performing the best, which sales are from promo codes you're using, which of your websites drives most conversions, and much more.

Commission Junction
The Transaction Reports feature allows you to view details about commissions you are earning. You can check the current status of commissionable transactions, including bonuses, reversals, and corrections that have been posted to your account. You may use these reports to track revenue generated and spent, and analyze the financial results of your program.

To view your transaction reports, navigate to Reports > Transaction. On that page you will be able to choose a variety of filters to tailor your report:

There are three main types of reports you can run to view financial data: Commission reports, Transaction reports and Balance Detail reports. You can find more details about each of them here.

Apart from the Transaction Reports, you can also make use of Performance Reports in your CJ account.

Performance Reports measure the success of your websites, products, and links by key performance metrics over a specified time frame. To get started, navigate to Reports > Performance:

More details on the information shown in the reports can be found here.

You can use the Reports > Activity Details option in your account to keep track of the completed transactions and commissions. You can check all at once, or sort by those from a specific merchant:

You can see the time and date, the commission amount, the type of the transaction, and other details:

Other report options you might find useful are Traffic Report, Merchant Summary Report, Payment Summary. All of them are present in the Reports section of your ShareASale account. You can also download a .csv file with the list of your transactions for a specific period of time.

No commission received?

If there is a specific order completed by your referral, but have not received any commission for it, please make sure the order meets the following requirements:

  • Cookies must have been enabled in the browser's settings before your referral follows the link.
  • Cookies must not have been cleared before a purchase is made by your referral.
  • Your referral must have used the same browser to sign up for their Namecheap account that they used to make their purchase.
  • The correct affiliate link must have been used.
  • It must have been the first-time purchase of a new client. Subsequent purchases of existing clients are not eligible for the program.
  • No restricted coupons should have been applied at the checkout. For the order to be marked as an affiliate, only valid coupon codes available in your affiliate account can be used.
If the order met all the conditions above, please send us an email to and include:

  • The order ID or the domain in question;
  • Your affiliate ID;
  • Your affiliate platform.
We will investigate the matter and get back to you within 48 hours.
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