Why .UK Domain Data Validation Is So Important

Nominet is the .uk domain registry. They are the ones who create and validate the actual domain itself, and they need all .uk domain names to have valid and up-to-date contact information.

When you register your .uk domain and add your contact details, Nominet will attempt to validate your name and address through a number of third-party data sources. Check out what good registration data looks like here.

If the validation is successful, your domain will show in Whois Lookup as "Nominet was able to match the registrant's name and address against a 3rd party data source" under the Data Validation section.

If the automatic validation fails, you will see "Nominet was not able to match the registrant's name and address against a 3rd party data source" under the Data Validation section in Whois Lookup.

For the .uk domains that did not pass the automatic data validation, Nominet (the registry) asks the domain registrar (that’s us) to have the data verified manually. For this, you need to provide the document(s) that can confirm your name, organization name, and/or address.

Receiving the "30 days left till Data Quality Lock" email from us means that Nominet has been unable to validate your name, organization name, and/or address against a 3rd party data sources.

Additional email reminders are sent on the 27th, 15th, and 3rd day, following receipt of the 30-day email.

Please check the contact information in your Namecheap account for the domain(s) mentioned in the email and update it if necessary. Visit UK contact information specifics for more details.

Failure to update the information within 30 days could lead to your domain being suspended through the Data Quality Lock. This means your domain name and all associated services will stop working. The suspended domain can no longer be modified or transferred. However, you will be able to register new domain names that are associated with an unverified contact.

The verification process may still be completed after the 30-day period, and the Data Quality Lock will be lifted.

For this, please double-check contact details for your domain and update them to valid ones. If you believe your contact information is correct, please connect with our Support Team as soon as possible so we can rectify this issue.

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