What currency do you charge in at Namecheap?

As an American company, Namecheap only charges in US Dollars (USD).

Still, there is an option for you to choose a different currency while browsing our website. The following variants are available: Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Australian Dollars (AUD), Indian Rupees (INR), or China Yuan RMB (CNY).

To select an alternative currency, please mouse over the USD icon located at the top right corner of your screen. Here you will see a drop-down with all currencies:

Please keep in mind that the prices in non-default currencies are provided for information purposes only and accuracy is not guaranteed. Final charges will be made in USD.

You will be charged for selected services according to the currency exchange rates set by your issuing bank or credit card company on the day of purchase. If you plan to use a non-American credit card to purchase, please ensure that before submitting your order you contact your bank or credit card provider to familiarize yourself with any additional currency fees you may incur.

Additionally, please double-check your card’s limit for Internet purchases, which may prevent you from making an order.

The Namecheap currency exchange rates can be found here.

In case you have any additional questions or concerns, please submit a ticket to Billing/Sales for further help.

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