Where can I find more information about Affiliate marketing?

At Namecheap, we endeavor to provide as much detail as we can to help our affiliate marketers. We recommend you work your way through our Affiliate Knowledgebase to get started.

We also recommend joining some of the well-known affiliate marketers’ newsletters – their insights can be a great source of knowledge and inspiration. You can also find a lot of additional information in a number of the affiliate marketing forums listed below.

Below is a list of recommended resources. If you have any other recommendations, or want help answering other questions please reach out to us at affiliates@namecheap.com.

Affiliate Marketing Newsletters and Blogs

Neil Patel – a major affiliate marketer who writes a lot about how to become a better affiliate marketer and digital marketer in general.
Marketing Land – this site does not have a lot on affiliate marketing, but it does have great insights into digital marketing overall.
Affiliate Tips – solid content on their website, and their newsletter provides weekly tips and news relevant to affiliate marketing.
Feed Front – is the magazine for affiliate marketers written in conjunction with the Affiliate Summit conferences.
Affiliate Tip – not to be confused with the other above – this one is written by Affiliate Summit co-founder Shawn Collins. He also has Extra Money Answer with more information.

Affiliate Forums

Warrior Forum – old-school forum that has been around for many years, and is used by affiliates for insights into successful affiliate marketing methods.
Digital Point – another great forum with very active users and many marketing discussions.
Affiliate Fix – a solid forum with just under 100,000 members and half a million messages.
Stack the Money – a well used forum with great advice for all levels of affiliate experience.
AffLIFT – a paid forum with affiliate marketing guides, case studies and recommendations from its members.

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