How to find your affiliate ID

So you have signed up for one of the Namecheap affiliate platforms and now need to find your affiliate ID.
You can use the information below to find them for each of the platforms we use:

NOTE: It's usually requested to be provided when you contact us or one of the affiliate network support teams. This makes helping you quicker, as we will not need you to reply in a follow-up email to give us the information.

Impact Radius

Impact Radius shows your affiliate ID is at the top left hand corner when you click on it, as shown below:


Commission Junction

As for commission Junction, in order to find your Publisher website ID (or a PID), follow these steps:

- Login to your CJ account
- Navigate to Account >> Websites:


You will see PID near each website you added as a publishing location to your CJ account:



Your affiliate ID inside ShareASale can be found at the top left hand corner next to your name:

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