More than mindset: how to look after you

How to look after the most important asset in your business: you

More than mindset

Headshot - Emily Jacob

Emily Jacob



A masterclass exploring the science behind why willpower alone is never going to succeed in your need to Get Things Done in your business. Understand what’s happening in your physiology when stress happens, the immediate steps you can take to take control of your wellbeing – and your ongoing ability to ride the waves being in business for ourselves involves! Because when we burn out – so does our business.

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Headshot - Emily Jacob

Emily Jacob

Emily has a deep and embodied understanding of stress, wellbeing, and how to rebuild from the ground up: she's been there and overcome 'big T' trauma, as well as living everyday with the uncertainty a degenerative chronic illness with no prognosis brings with it. She intimately knows the impact stress has on the mind, and body.

A coach and NLP master practitioner, Emily supports people ranging from trauma survivors (through her business ReConnected Life), to leaders suffering from imposter syndrome. lack of confidence (through her business Curious Decisions), and now leaders and business owners like you juggling the balls and trying to keep your head above water (and the lights on!) in a global pandemic. Her message - you're the most important asset in your business, protect it!

Emily has over 25 years' experience working with corporates and medium-sized enterprises, with a focus on marketing strategy, marketing capabilty, and CRM. For the past 4 years Emily has been having fun at Namecheap: she is the Expert Summit Lead.

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Curious Decisions

Curious Decisions was named for the insatiable curiosity all marketing people need to have for their customers, and the need to form their business decisions based on that insight.

Curious Decisions works with marketing people, and leaders, to support them in their endeavors: whether that's delivering an end-to-end marketing capability program for the global team, advising on diversity, supporting a new leader in one-to-one coaching, or facilitating a mindset workshop to improve communications between team members.


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