How much does a logo design cost?

Nick A. | August 02, 2021
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Let’s say you’re a business owner whose company needs a logo, but you don’t have the graphic design talent to do it yourself. You could pay someone to design your logo, but the cost of a professional logo design may be high. 

On the other side of things, talented graphic designers might not know how much they should charge when a business needs a logo. Charging too much means struggling to find clients, but charging too little could leave you struggling if the finished product doesn’t live up to your expectations.

The below guide to the cost of logo design services addresses this understandable concern from both sides.

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How much does logo design cost?

Graphic design logo costs vary according to the level of service provided and the designer’s experience. Generally speaking, professional logo design costs fall into the following categories:

  • Newer freelance designers typically charge several hundred dollars, perhaps reaching into the high hundreds. 
  • Experienced freelance designers typically charge in the low thousands, though expert designers may charge over $2,000. These higher-priced designers may act as logo consultants rather than just designers. Instead of following your directions, they can advise you – not the other way around – on best logo color, shape, and typeface practices.
  • Graphic design agencies typically charge well over $2,000. Choosing an agency is like working with an experienced freelancer, but having many people in your court instead of just one.

Keep in mind, though, that these prices only refer to the logo design itself. A logo is different from branding, and the cost of working on a full brand identity can run significantly higher than just the logo design cost. Be sure to clarify precisely what’s included in these packages when you hire a graphic designer.

Excluded from this list are logo maker services that cost under $100 – sometimes, they're even free. These services also often offer logo design inspirations and templates and will be discussed separately later in this guide.

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For entrepreneurs who need a logo: How much to pay for logo design (and what else to know)

Entrepreneurs should expect to pay the above prices for the levels of service described. However, you may have some room to negotiate with your logo design costs. To take advantage of this flexibility, here’s what else you should keep in mind:

  • Always view a graphic designer’s portfolio before hiring them. A less experienced freelancer whose previous work resembles what you’re seeking may better serve you than an expert designer whose work doesn’t strike you the same way. 
  • Know the graphic designer’s fee structure. The prices mentioned earlier represent the likely total cost of your logo design. However, these freelance logo design cost figures don’t distinguish between hourly billing and flat-rate fees. The difference between the two can have substantial ramifications. A $300 flat fee may seem higher than a $60 per hour rate, but in reality, the latter becomes more expensive after just five hours of work. You should also pay close attention to your agreement with the designer, because you can quickly fall “out of scope” and find yourself facing additional fees.
  • Consider how involved you want to be. Graphic designers with less experience are more affordable, but because they have only a year or two of professional experience, it can result in several rounds of feedback. If you already have a strong vision for your logo, this repeated feedback may actually be better for your needs. However, if you’re unsure what you want, expert designers (especially consulting designers) can save you substantial time and stress on revisions.
  • Don’t overlook logo contests. Sometimes, you can work with several graphic design freelancers for your logo design. You can do so through a logo contest, in which several designers submit their ideas to you after you put down an initial payment. You’ll then look through the ideas, provide feedback, and ultimately choose a winner. This approach may prove to be lower in cost albeit somewhat risky, as not all logo contest platforms refund you if you’re not satisfied, but it may provide you with more options at a more affordable price.
  • Make sure you get the full package. If you’re wondering why one logo can be so expensive, it’s because you’re getting far more than one logo when you hire a designer. You’re also getting all the below, which you should always confirm you’ve received at the end of your project:
    • Several file formats. For printing, you’ll want a vector file, as these images lose no resolution when scaling. Typical file extensions for vectors are .ai, .eps, .pdf, and .svg. For other uses, you’ll want a high-resolution web file with a file extension of .jpg or .png.
    • Copyrights. Your designer could theoretically claim ownership over your logo – after all, they created it. That’s why you should ensure that your hired designer relinquishes all rights to the design once you’ve accepted it and paid your invoice. With this copyright, you can use your logo however you please.
  • If you keep encountering high prices, other tools exist. Logo design services aren’t cheap, but you do get what you pay for. That said, logo generators can help you achieve nearly the same quality as professional services at a fraction of the price. Keep reading to learn more about these convenient tools.
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For designers: How much to charge for logo design

Given the above logo design costs, if you’re a freelance graphic designer wondering, How much should I charge for logo design?, then your fees might look as such:

  • If you’re new to freelance logo design: Up to $1,000, but probably closer to the $300-$500 range.
  • If you’re an experienced freelance designer: More than $1,000.
  • If you’re both designing a logo and consulting on its appearance: Just over $2,000.

Beyond these prices, you may also want to consider what happens to your rates if you expand your logo design services into full branding packages, or if your freelance hustle turns into an agency structure. You can further increase your prices if you add consulting or comprehensive branding services to your offerings. 

For designers and entrepreneurs: Final pointers on how to price a logo design 

Both designers and business owners can benefit from the following tips on how to charge for a logo design:

  • Look at competitors. As a freelancer, you can probably charge prices similar to what you see from other freelancers on your skill level. As a business owner, you can take a freelancer priced exorbitantly compared to others in their experience range as a red flag.
  • Look at your budget. Business owners shouldn’t exceed their logo design budgets. If you can’t spend more than $1,000 on a logo, don’t step out of your range to hire an agency. A freelancer will get the job done just fine. Freelancers should also look at their personal budgets and work expenses and price their services adequately.
  • Learn about branding as a whole. For business owners, understanding everything that goes into branding can help you appreciate the importance of a logo. You might feel more willing to invest money into your logo once you understand just how critical it is to your business’s success. Likewise, as a freelancer, learning how crucial logos are to branding can help you remain steadfast in charging fair rates. For both parties, this knowledge can help keep the working relationship front of mind.
  • Form long-term relationships. A logo can be just the start for the relationship between a graphic designer and a business owner. If the business owner has regular postal mail advertising or flyering needs, the graphic designer behind the company’s logo is primed to handle all the required design work. Likewise, a designer newer to freelancing can easily ask their clients for more work. As the relationship continues, both parties can agree on pricing packages favorable to both and enjoy satisfying results time and again.

One final option for entrepreneurs: A free logo maker

If you have a strong vision of what your logo could look like but don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator skills to bring it to life, turn to Namecheap’s free logo maker. This logo maker offers fully customizable graphics from a straightforward platform that users love, all at no cost to you. Sign up for the Namecheap free logo maker today to get started.


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