Understanding the Reseller packages structure

To understand the cPanel/WHM structure we provide with our Reseller packages, please have a look at the brief description below:

The following scheme shows that there are several tiers in the cPanel/WHM structure:


1. Server Administrator Panel (root access to WHM)

The top tier and highest-level user is the 'root' user. This is the server administrator who has the highest level access to the server. The server administrator can create and remove other accounts, as well as access all lower levels of users' accounts. The server administrator has full access to all parts of the WHM interface. There is only one root user per server.

2. Reseller Panel (WHM)

The reseller user is a subordinate of the server administrator. Reseller users are provided with a Reseller Panel (WHM) where they can manage all their resold accounts. The reseller also has access to all created accounts ('resolds'). The privileges of the reseller are set by the server administrator. There can be multiple resellers per server.

3. Main Reseller cPanel

cPanel is a control panel used to manage the hosting account under your main domain. When you sign up for a Reseller package, you select a main domain name, it can be accessed via the main cPanel account. Login info for this cPanel coincides with the WHM account info. If you need to reset the WHM password, it is required to reset the main cPanel account password, they will both synchronize.

Why can’t I see the main cPanel in my WHM?

In Namecheap infrastructure, the main cPanel account is owned by the server administrator ('root' user), therefore, it is not listed in WHM . This account has privileges to create websites, email addresses, subdomains or any other rights given to it by the server administrator.

Why was it implemented this way?

The Namecheap infrastructure is implemented this way in order to avoid any possible billing and DNS misconfigurations and to easily track your account within our system.

What do I do if I need my main cPanel account to be listed in WHM?

Consider our VPS and Dedicated Servers hosting plans.

With the latter, you are provided with root server access (with Self-Managed and Managed server management types), thus, you basically become a 'root' user. With ‘root’ privileges you can create a main cPanel account in WHM and manage its DNS zone, add domains, email accounts etc. from WHM directly.

4. cPanel account (resold)

Resold accounts are owned by Reseller Panel (WHM). Resold accounts can be easily created, managed and maintained in the Reseller Panel (WHM).

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