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15 wedding website examples to highlight your special day

Nick A. | December 23, 2022
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Building a wedding website is high up on your to-do list for your upcoming nuptials. While it doesn’t seem as pressing as selecting a venue or planning your guest list, creating a wedding website is essential for keeping all the details organized and easy to find for your guests.

Need some inspiration? These 15 wedding website examples infuse creativity and personality with all the essentials you need guests to know about your special day. 

15 best wedding website examples 

Each of these 15 wedding websites features an intriguing twist, offering a website that’s as unique as each couple’s love story. Explore these examples and learn a little bit about why we love them.

1. Juanse and Juli

Juanse and Juli’s wedding website focuses on the couple’s relationship, telling the story of their relationship with a fun and interactive timeline that grows as you scroll. Filled with beautiful photos, their website is all about romance, with the couple describing how they feel about one another. Here, they use the layout to share their feelings in a creative way, with the couple’s words displayed side by side over a photo.

2. Lucy and Dan

Lucy and Dan’s wedding website combines all the elements of a classic wedding website, infused with the couple’s personality. From the non-traditional pose in their main photo to the rustic-inspired font emblazoning their names, this couple’s unique charm is imbued throughout every detail. A clear navigation bar takes visitors straight to the most important information, while a personalized greeting at the top welcomes guests before they get into the nitty-gritty.

3. Katie and Bryan

Bold colors and a beautiful celebratory photo greet visitors to Katie and Bryan’s wedding website. A hamburger menu on the left side leaves the photo unencumbered, while visitors can scroll down the right hand side to read fun facts about the couple and a bit about their origin story. Notably, Katie and Bryan write on their website that they plan to share photos from the big day, getting plenty more use out of the site long after “I dos” are exchanged.

4. Sarah and Ryan

Taking cues from some of the best business websites, the look and feel of Sarah and Ryan’s wedding website is clean, professional, and easy to navigate. Visitors are greeted by a sweet picture of the happy couple, followed by a brief welcome message. Each page is dedicated to a separate, distinct item related to their wedding, making it simple for guests and well-wishers to find the information they need. 

5. Julia and Sam

Julia and Sam’s wedding website has a minimalist vibe, prioritizing just enough text to communicate what guests need to know about the wedding. A unique professional photo is showcased on each page, making this website all about the couple without a lengthy “how we met” story or similar details. Each photo is followed by a straightforward description of what’s to come, leaving no room for ambiguity about the big day’s details.

6. Beth and Dan

Beth and Dan chose a similar layout to Katie and Bryan’s website, depicting a photo of their family in the hero image spot. A neat hamburger menu on the left side clearly directs visitors to important links, while the scrolling bar on the right side covers details like directions and gift information. Beth and Dan took the unique route of using an app on their big day, so friends and family can upload photos and memories for the couple. That information can be clearly found on the website as well.

7. Nikki and David

This New York couple’s wedding website starts with their story. On the home page, Nikki and David showcase how they met front and center, setting the tone for the journey their site visitors will go on. Sweet professional pictures are peppered throughout, while a clear navigation bar takes guests to important information about their event and registry. Nikki and David made sure to prioritize their ceremony and reception information on the home page so those vital details would be easy to find.

8. Michael and Kaila

This couple opted to use their wedding website to share need-to-know information in an uncertain world. The home page displays important updates and changes they made to the ceremony, placed front and center so they can be quickly viewed by all. The remainder of the site copy reflects those changes, emphasizing a change to an intimate ceremony from a larger gathering. Michael and Kaila also used their wedding website to collect song requests, made easy with a button and a clear call to action toward the end of the homepage.

9. Sarah and Ethan

Inspired by an invitation, Sarah and Ethan’s wedding website quite literally invites guests to “open the invitation” to view the contents inside. The cover of the invitation flips up to reveal the basic information about the who, what, when, and where, foregoing much of the detail often seen on other wedding websites. The only other link is to RSVP. This design is sweet, simple, and to the point.

10. Megan and Zach

Megan and Zach’s wedding website takes full advantage of the hero image, so guests are greeted by a full-page professional photo of the couple. As visitors scroll down, details about the event unfurl against a thematic backdrop that matches the hero image at the top of the page. And for those who need to get right to the details, clickable “information” and “registry” links at the top serve as handy shortcuts to those sections.

11. Michelle and Tonye

Fun animated details are found throughout Michelle and Tonye’s wedding website, from the trails on the left hand side to the way their names jump out when the cursor hovers over them. The clear navigation bar at the top jumps down to each relevant section, so guests can get to the registry and the livestream link with ease. The copy throughout is just as fun as the site design. And now that the wedding date has passed, the information — and animations — reflect that important update.

12. Daniela and Moe

Daniela and Moe’s wedding website reflects how they met — as designers, working together during graduate school. Instead of using pictures of themselves, they communicated their relationship through design. In lieu of writing a full love story, they wrote a brief introduction and presented facts about their relationship as a quiz, complete with an icon hinting at the answer to each question. 

The couple planned a full weekend of activities, and each one unfurls before the visitor as they scroll down. And even though the site was designed by the couple, it still includes all the elements of a wedding website you’d get with a website builder, including an RSVP form and helpful links for those coming from out of town for the main event. 

13. Kayva and Vineeth

Filled with vibrant color, out-of-the-box animations, and unique illustrations, Kayva and Vineeth’s wedding website is designed to be joyful and fun. The site draws in visitors and encourages them to scroll down to see what happens next — in this case, uncovering more details about each part of their wedding. This couple incorporated Facebook’s tools, inviting guests to RSVP on the social media platform and to leave well wishes with their Facebook accounts as well.

14. Alice and Gene

Alice and Gene’s wedding website leans on visuals to tell a story. As visitors scroll through their site, each section unveils more details about the event itself and a timeline of their engagement. This destination wedding required a few more customizations than the usual wedding website, and Alice and Gene made sure to include those details, like a packing list designed for outdoor activities around their venue. The out-of-the-box design still retains some traditional elements, though, such as a gallery, RSVP quick link, and a navigation bar on the left side. 

15. Rush and Danit

Rush and Danit are front and center on their wedding website, which features a lengthy, humorous tale of how these two protagonists met. The couple has a little fun with their story, kicking off their website with two full-size images of the bride and groom as kids. From there, you enter into a site infused with personality while sticking to the essentials that all wedding websites have — day-of information, registry details, and a link to RSVP. Uniquely, Rush and Danit have an area to submit an email address for updates, stylized as a call to action like you might find on a business website.

What info should be on a wedding website?

Your wedding website is both a source of practical information and a way to share your special journey as a couple. To that end, you’ll want to include the following information:

- The wedding date, time, and location

- Additional events surrounding the wedding

- Information about your registry

- Travel and accommodation details

- A bit about your love story

- Information about your wedding party

- Photos of the two of you 

What do I write on the first page of my wedding website? 

Chances are, the people coming to your website already know who you are and why they’re there. As a result, there’s less pressure to create calls to action to “convert” your visitors into attendees like a business website may need to. You can keep the first page of your wedding website light, fun, and complementary to who you are as a couple. 

Simple taglines like “We’re getting married, celebrate with us!” or “Join us on our special day” are perfect ways to kick-start the content on the homepage of your wedding site. From there, you should include the most important information about your wedding so guests can get details like location, time, and date right away. Then, you can direct visitors to other information on the site, like your wedding registry, accommodation information, and your love story.

When is the best time to create a wedding website?

It’s a good idea to create your wedding website as soon as you’ve decided on a date and venue. From that moment forward, your website can be a hub for all things related to your wedding, including a way to RSVP online, shop your registry, or get information about other related events, like a bridal shower. You can always add more to your wedding website later on, but the sooner you can share the most relevant details with your guests, the better they can plan. 

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