Website ideas for beginners: How to launch your digital footprint

Nick A. | May 16, 2022
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A well-designed website is an amazing asset that can bring you a host of opportunities. Whether it’s done for personal or professional reasons, building a website is a great way to control your online narrative, build community, share information, or even make money with a side hustle. Read on to discover 30 website ideas for beginners that can get up and running quickly. 

30 website ideas for beginners

Whether you’re looking to establish a personal brand, build a forum of like-minded people online, or report news and information on a specialty interest, there’s no shortage of websites that could play to your personal or professional interests. These 30 ideas can get you started.

1. Personal blog

  • What is it? A cool website idea for beginners, the personal blog is a site catered to long-form content on a particular topic, like a person’s pursuit to try every kind of coffee from around the world.   
  • Why it’s a good idea: Though blogs can be just a part of a website, a standalone personal online column is a simple site idea for beginners. It’s a space to reach a specific audience, find community, or self-publish your work to build your online presence as a writer. 

2. Business website

  • What is it? Dedicated to showcasing the goods and services offered by a company, a business website has information customers need to know about operating hours, upcoming sales, and news. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: Any business, regardless of its size, should have a business website for potential customers. This delivers important information without anyone having to pick up the phone or write an email. These sites also offer background information on your small business and contact details, so it’s simple for would-be customers to get in touch. 

3. Ecommerce website

  • What is it? Built to aid the online shopping experience, an ecommerce website allows people to buy your goods and services online rather than in a brick-and-mortar location. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: People can buy almost anything online, so setting up a digital shop for your small business or side hustle can increase your sales. 

4. Niche website

  • What is it? Like a personal blog, a niche site is an easy website idea for beginners because you can dive “deep and narrow” into a particular subject without knowing any intricate coding.
  • Why it’s a good idea: With any side hustle or small business, the ultimate goal is to earn a profit, so creating this type of site is an excellent idea if you have a fresh perspective to bring to something distinct. A consulting site for an expert in vintage homeware is a way to turn your hobby into income, for example. 

5. Online forum

  • What is it? Kicking it old school with message boards, a forum is a place where users can post messages and engage with one another on various topics. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: This is ideal for creating an online community, driving engagement, or learning customer insights and data.    

6. Portfolio website

  • What is it? Maybe your personal blog is devoid of shop talk relating to your day-to-day business pursuits, but this site is where you showcase those products.
  • Why it’s a good idea: These sites are great for those in the creative industry since a lot of jobs tend to ask for samples of one’s work. Portfolio sites are ideal for visual work like photography, fashion, or graphic design. 

7. Personal website

  • What is it? The personal website is unique to your content needs. It’s the antithesis of a professional site or portfolio, so it’s a space to highlight who you are by posting vacation photos or documenting your kids as they grow up.   
  • Why it’s a good idea: The personal site shows that not every website needs to be for professional purposes. Some can be a chance to put yourself out there and find community. However, they can potentially lead to a source of passive income if you get enough of a following. 

8. News or magazine website

  • What is it? Catered to publishing news online, this type of site provides coverage of a subject or location. The topic at hand can range from local politics to global events to sports. Truly, any sector or niche can benefit from a news or magazine website.
  • Why it’s a good idea: These sites serve to inform the public, so some degree of expertise can go a long way. It’s a good idea to consider if you have a journalism background and are interested in developing your online publication.

9. Entertainment website

  • What is it? We’ve all taken a BuzzFeed quiz to determine the pasta shape that best suits our personas, so an entertainment space is a site devoted to…well, entertaining! These sites could feature stories of unlikely animal friendships or funny images.  
  • Why it’s a good idea: Develop an entertainment site to explore pop culture or the trials and tribulations of knitting. It’s a fantastic idea for pure entertainment.  

10. Brochure website

  • What is it? Ultimately, a brochure site is similar to a business website, but it zooms in on a particular purpose — just like a printed brochure. These sites give the exact information a person is seeking with a pamphlet-like design.  
  • Why it’s a good idea: Let’s say you rely less on online traffic to drive interest in your business, but you still want a sliver of space online — a brochure website is perfect for you. Plus, they’re purely informational, so if you aren’t selling goods or services online, this is an ideal fit.

11. Wedding website 

  • What is it? If you’re planning a wedding, then a wedding site is perfect. They’re great for keeping guests informed, and you can use the site to organize RSVPs, offer directions to the venue, and direct people to your registry.
  • Why it’s a good idea: A wedding website isn’t only beneficial for particulars on the big day. It can also live long after as a digital album for friends and family to look back on fondly. 

12. Fashion blog

  • What is it? Perfect for anyone in the fashion industry, a fashion website offers a space for designers, models, and anyone with a penchant for clothing to display their work. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: A fashion website can highlight modeling pictures or clothing designs. It could also feature a blog for novice stylists to demonstrate their abilities with OOTDs (Outfits of the Day) and document their versatile and well-crafted style. 

13. Religious website

  • What is it? A website devoted to a place of worship, a religious site can update its members online about upcoming events, times of service, or other noteworthy news. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: This is great for informational purposes and to attract new members online. If a person just moved to an area and they’re in search of a religious community, they might conduct an online search for the right fit. 

14. Finance website

  • What is it? Maybe you have an accounting background or a lot of experience managing your finances for your small business. A finance website is a site where you can shed light on budgeting techniques, your opinions on investing, or anything money-related. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: If you’re in the field, then it’s another place for you to flex your muscles and show people your expertise. With enough effective content, it could become a source of passive income. 

15. Review website

  • What is it? With the general public frequently looking up reviews before making any purchase, a review site serves as a space to give your take on popular products or services.
  • Why it’s a good idea: From content with images explaining a product to short, digestible videos about the latest superhero movie, review sites foster an environment for conversation and conscious consumerism. Plus, it could be a great side hustle if you’re a big movie buff or tech geek. 

16. Resume website

  • What is it? Similar to a portfolio site, a resume site exhibits your work experience, but it isn’t a space to display your work. Think of it like a physical resume or a business card — it lets a potential employer or client know who you are, what you’ve done, and how to get in touch. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: During a job search, a resume website differentiates you from the competition. It demonstrates your credibility and professionalism. 

17. Event website

  • What is it? With the return of in-person events, weddings aren’t the only festivities on our calendars. An events website allows guests a space to return to for location information and updates. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: Whether personal or professional, an event site is a good place to keep track of attendees. For professional events, you can also sell tickets through the site. 

18. Directory website

  • What is it? Remember the days of flipping through the yellow pages? Well, a directory website is like that tangible big book, but online instead. Zocdoc is an example that helps people find doctors nearby, and they don’t solely provide the contact information — interested patients can scan reviews, too. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: This would be perfect for cataloging local businesses in your area to promote shopping small. 

19. Food website

  • What is it? A website devoted to food is awesome for aspiring or professional chefs, food writers, recipe developers, or simply food lovers on a quest to eat every famous burrito in the world. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: If you have a passion for cuisine, online food culture is experiencing tremendous success, so why not get involved and boost your engagement with viewers and critics alike?

20. Quiz website

  • What is it? Online quizzes create entertainment and education for all ages. A quiz website offers a space for users to find a collection of quizzes — for a particular subject or a variety of interests. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: People love to scour the internet for personality quizzes, so you can give the people what they want and build a community by motivating others to create and share, too.  

21. Rating website

  • What is it? Similar to a review site, a rating website rates or grades certain services or products. A popular site is Rate My Professors — applauded by college students on the lookout to avoid professors with a poor rating. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: A rating site is an effective space to collect public opinion or for one person to rate several goods or services within a specific subject area. 

22. Buyer’s guide website

  • What is it? A buyer’s guide is typically an article that helps consumers make informed purchases. A site centered around buying certain types of items has more room to expand upon an area of interest. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: If you’re passionate about cars or the latest technology, then developing a buyer’s guide site could lead to a lucrative side hustle where you spread information. 

23. Influencer website

  • What is it? A space for social media stars to tell their backstories or showcase other areas of interest as they build upon their booming online presence. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: This site can serve as a single space to promote all of your social media platforms and share more content with your fans. 

24. Fitness website

  • What is it? A fitness website is an online platform to promote your business, whether you’re a personal trainer or a yoga instructor. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: It’s a great way to advertise your services and attract new clients. Plus, you can feature exercise videos and upcoming classes at different levels of intensity. 

25. How-to website 

  • What is it? There’s a big emphasis on DIY right now, and how-to sites show people how they can thrift flip a lamp or lifehack their way to a fulfilling mindset. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: Find your area of expertise, then share it with others through online tutorials. It’s perfect for those with the skills of grace and patience that teachers possess. 

26. Counseling website

  • What is it? A counseling site is for therapists or licensed professionals to showcase their offerings, availability, and contact information. Some counselors provide online booking through their websites. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: Ideal for boosting your business, a counseling site attracts clients, demonstrates your credentials, and showcases testimonials from existing or previous patients. 

27. Memorial website 

  • What is it? Structured as a tribute page devoted to a lost loved one, a memorial website honors someone who passed.
  • Why it’s a good idea: Featuring photos for friends and family to return to or sentimental stories, a memorial site is perfect for preserving a person’s legacy. 

28. Music website 

  • What is it? A music website is a site for musicians to display their songs and reach new listeners. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: All artists, from musicians to painters, should have a site to promote their art. It’s perfect for finding new fans or simply getting your art out there in front of the public. 

29. Nutritional website

  • What is it? As a nutritionist or dietician, a nutritional site is a space to promote offerings or provide helpful tips and dietary information. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: This is ideal for discovering new customers or fostering a space for current clients to find healthy recipe ideas. 

30. Non-profit website

  • What is it? A not-for-profit can use this type of website to spread the word about their organization. 
  • Why it’s a good idea: It’s a fantastic way to build awareness about your cause, educate others, and secure donations to further your mission.

How to choose the best website type for you

With these various types of websites, there are three elements to consider when selecting what’s right for you and your business: the goal of the site, the content, and what you’re looking to gain. At the beginning of website creation, ask yourself: Why am I creating this site? A clear motive and plan will help you achieve success when the website is live. 

For example, if your content is solely devoted to video work, then an online column-style blog might not be the best layout. Think of the desired outcome—whether you’re looking for community or new clients, these factors all determine the format. It’s certainly important to have an idea and the motivation to start a venture but always look ahead to consider the needs of that project. 

Get started

These website design ideas for beginners are your introduction to the wonderful world of website creation. Once you know the type of website that’s right for you, Namecheap Site Maker is here to help make your dreams into a reality — no coding skills required!

All you have to do is answer a few questions to determine what sections your site needs. Namecheap’s step-by-step process makes sure you have all the essential elements, including fast hosting and website security. Plus, you’ll get free access to Visual Suite’s blogging system to publish professional-looking blog posts. As a small business owner, hobbyist, or poet, your digital footprint matters, so let Namecheap set you up for success.


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