Startup business names: Get started with these 7 ideas

Nick A. | September 16, 2022
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You have an idea or invention that’s bound to disrupt your industry. And now, it’s all about bringing your solution to the right audience. The first step to introducing your brand to potential customers is trying out some startup business names and finding the one that fits you best. Whether naming comes naturally to you or you need some ideas to get you started, our startup business naming tips can provide some helpful inspiration.

What makes a good startup business name?

Startups are no different than any other company: They have a product or service that needs to get in front of the right audience. To that end, you’ll need the right name that speaks to both what you do and who you want to reach. Here’s why a good startup business name is essential for a successful startup brand

It helps customers remember you. In a crowded marketplace, your name plays a key role in ensuring you stand out. A catchy, unique, and memorable name sticks.
It helps you stand apart from competitors. What makes you different from other, similar solutions in your field? While part of your brand identity includes how you differ from the competition, your name plays a big role in communicating that difference as well. 

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It helps potential customers understand how you help. A name that speaks directly to your solution leaves no room for second-guessing. That can mean the difference between converting new customers and onlookers moving on to your competitor.

122 inspiring startup name ideas to spark creativity

Space and Place

Space of Creation

Space Planet Moon

Space Cluster

Space Infinity

Alpha Centauri Space

Cosmic Circle

Alien World Space

Cosmic Cluster

Cosmic Radius


Alphaverse Space

Connect Speed

Connect Clouds

Connecting Cloud

Cloud Connecting

Cloud Lighting

Connect Cloud Telecom

Connecting Clouds

Lighting Cloud

Connect My Clouds



Infinitely Simple

Infinite Pure

Platinum Simple

Proton Computers

Simplified Computer Services

Sync Projects

Sync Project

Project Flow App

Project Flows


Sync Process

Through Flows

Flow Rated

A Tool Belt

Social Direct

Social Directories

Start Social

The Social Networks

Starting Online Business

Netmark Social

Media Social Care

Open Social Networking

Social Action Net

Start with Social

Social Direct Marketing

Startup Engine

Startup Biz Solutions

Startup Biz Network

Startup Engineering

Entrepreneurs Business Startups

Startup Biz Online

Startup Enterprises


The Enginerator


Lean Projects

Lean Project Startup

Lean Project Manager

Lean Web Design


Lean Product Makers


Key Wordpressor

Lean Production

Lean Manufacturing Software

Lean Business Solutions

Lean Agile Tech

Lean Business Consulting

Lean Manufacturing Tools

Project There

Lean Product

Lean Info Tech

Lean Entrepreneurship

Lean Company

Keyword Developers

Keyword Development

Key Development Strategies

Keyword Writing

Stop Word Tracker

Keyword Management

Developers Business

Keyword Maker

Workflow Dock

Web Dev Kits

Keyword Net


Developer Business

Outsourced Business Development

Outsourced Communications

Outsourced Development

Outsourced Business Solutions


Outsourcing Challenges


Outsourced Moderation

Outsource International

Outsourced Computing

Outsourced Innovation

Outsource Development

Outsourced Solutions


Outsourced Android Developer

Priorities App

Priorities and Purpose

Right Priorities


Backlog Cloud

Backlog Jams


Backlog Jam

The Backlog

Priorities Matter

Priorities Info

Data Logic

Puzzle Log

Puzzle Program

Startup Developers

Startup Method

Startup Builders

7 tips for coming up with a strong startup name

Ready to get started? Check out these seven tips to help guide your naming process.

1. Use a name that reaches your target audience

Who are you talking to? Is your ideal customer a manager at a company with a problem to solve, or a mom of two who needs something delivered quickly? Your startup name can help communicate your purpose to the right people, thereby bringing eligible and desirable customers into the fold.

2. Strike a balance between trendy and traditional

Just like any industry, there have been some notable trends in startup naming. For a time, brands used names that were different spellings of common words that related to their core purpose — think Lyft. There was also a time when the -ly suffix was added to a word that represented a key service, like the payments platform Remitly. While those names have stood the test of time, not all trends stick. So think carefully if you’re going to opt for a naming trend when building a brand that will hopefully be around for years to come.

3. Choose something that’s easy to spell and say

In an industry where creative spellings and invented words are common options for business names, you want to be sure that the name you choose isn’t difficult to decipher. A name that’s easy to spell and simple to pronounce is more memorable and is more likely to stand out in your customers’ minds.

4. Think about how the name represents your product or service

Many startups have names that instantly describe what they do. Think about Instacart and 1Password, just to name two examples. Without thinking twice, you know that Instacart involves shopping and that 1Password involves something to do with security. You’ll want the same end goal for your startup, so anyone who comes across your business instantly knows what you do and how your solution can help them.

5. Keep the visuals in mind

Your business name will show up in a number of places, from an app icon to a pitch deck to a website. How does your name look in different applications? Too-long names may have trouble fitting into small spaces, but too short, and you may not connect with your audience. Play around with your ideas in a few designs using a free logo maker to get a sense of what you like and what looks good.

6. Make sure you’re not infringing on a trademark

The buzzing startup scene is full of great ideas, and some of those ideas may share a name. While two businesses can certainly have the same name, you want to make sure that you’re unique in your business or product category.

To make sure someone else isn’t using the name you want, try two tools: the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and search engines. Through the USPTO, you can look up your chosen brand name to see if any other company has registered it for trademark protection. On search engines, you can see if any business is actively using your chosen name.

7. Use a business name generator

A business name generator like Namecheap’s can help you come up with inspired ideas for a startup name. Just submit a few words related to your startup and the generator will offer up a variety of creative options. Use one of these names as-is or look to them as a starting point for your own ideas.

What do you need to do after you come up with a startup business name?

After you’ve decided on a startup name, it’s important to secure that brand name online. First and foremost, this involves purchasing your domain. This way, you can secure your brand before someone else can come along and use it for themselves. If the name you want isn’t available with a .com extension, you can opt for .co, .biz, or other extensions. There may even be specialty extensions depending on your location and your industry, such as .app for a smartphone app or .nyc for a startup based in New York City.

You’ll want to do the same on social media. Even if you don’t plan to post for quite some time, securing social media handles with your startup name goes a long way in protecting your brand on the internet.

Name your startup today with Namecheap’s Business Name Generator

Whether this is your first venture or your sixth, the early stages of a startup are thrilling and full of potential. And when it comes time to create a timeless and memorable name that grows with your business, Namecheap’s Business Name Generator is just what you need. This easy-to-use, free name generator takes your initial thoughts and creates many ideas to choose from. You can pick one you love right out the gate, or use the generator’s suggestions to craft something brand new. No matter which direction you choose, the Business Name Generator can help you get there.


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