Idea to launch

Mustafa A. | May 08, 2023
16 mins


Idea to Launch, the class for those looking to start a new business venture or struggling to get their idea off the ground. Grounded in asking the 6 fundamental questions (Why, What, Who, How, Where, When), this class covers:

  • how to identify opportunities for starting a new business

  • a simple evaluative framework to assess which idea to focus of

  • the importance of a well-designed value proposition,

  • the 3 core reasons for failing at a business

  • a phased approach to minimize the risk of common failures


Picture of Mustafa A.

Mustafa A.

Mustafa is currently Head of Namecheap's Concept Lab. With the help of a team of talented UX, Technology, and Marketing, Mustafa has helped define and refine the process of brining new products to market at Namecheap. This includes research, conceptualization, value proposition design, build, launch and post launch support. With 15 years of product experience in a variety of industries and business models, including B2B, B2B2C and B2C, Mustafa has learned through experience some common reasons for stumbling as well as succeeding on new product launches. Always learning and exploring, Mustafa is passionate about building a culture of understanding customers deeply in order to build great products that are both great to use, sell and support.

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