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Why choose Open-Xchange?

Email is just dreamy on a private cloud.

No Ads, No Spam, Ever.

Your emails are stored securely on our cloud. We never allow advertisements to sneak in, and we provide powerful anti-spam protection.

Broad Support

OX works great with all your devices: Windows, Mac, Linux and more. Features include personal calendar and address book, and our 24/7 support team is never far away.

Sweet Privacy

With full browser support, the fast and lightweight OX interface makes email enjoyable again. You get plenty of storage space, and there are no privacy concerns.

Unified Approach

Open-Xchange allows you to manage multiple email accounts from different providers under one roof. Email overload is a thing of the past!

Success Stories

Here's what people are saying...

Always had good experience with namecheap. Your active resistance to SOPA and similar measures is remembered and appreciated.
Alexis, Shopper Approved
Namecheap Kill the Competition with ease of use - none cluttered admin and great customer support. I don't care that some other Registrars are cheaper, this is only to get you in then they upsell and provide awful navigation and support. Thanks Namecheap for keeping it Simple over the years! :)
Adie, Shopper Approved

  • You receive 60 days free subscription to OX Private Email only once for the lifetime of a domain.

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