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You pay $47.98/year with a promo code - Renews for $71.88/year
  • 5 mailboxes included
  • 75GB for emails
  • Full mobile sync support

    Complete synchronization of emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks on your mobile devices accessible even when you are offline.

  • Docs, Sheets & Presentations
  • Premium Email Delivery

    Ultimate plans are powered by separate high-availability mail servers. These servers send your mail from specially provided IP addresses - with premium-level IP reputation monitoring. This means emails are processed and delivered faster with the highest priority.



28% offBest value
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Get Pro
You pay $29.98/year with a promo code - Renews for $41.88/year
  • 3 mailboxes included
  • 30GB for emails
  • Full mobile sync support

    Complete synchronization of emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks on your mobile devices accessible even when you are offline.



20% offBest value
Save 20% with a promo code
Get Starter
You pay $11.88/year with a promo code - Renews for $14.88/year
  • 1 mailbox included
  • 5GB for emails

Big business? - Get bespoke pricing!

If you need more than 50 mailboxes, or Private Email for more than 20 domains, reach out and one of our team will put together a custom pricing plan to meet your needs.

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Look more pro and make your brand an inbox favorite

Create your vibe with a custom email address — get ultra-secure email hosting with simple to use, ad-free webmail


Build trust & customize

Start off the right way when your business email address matches your website brand.


Manage your email flow like a pro

Add all your existing personal and professional email accounts into one unified inbox. No more switching accounts to get or send emails.


Enjoy seamless control

Organize your email hosting to fit your business goals. Share and synchronize emails, appointments, calendars, and tasks with your contacts.


Do business on the go

Access all your professional and personal email accounts in portal view. Stay on top of social, news feeds, emails, and your busy schedule from any Windows, Android, or Apple device.


Fire up your team

Grow with full support for sharing emails, docs, spreadsheets, calendars, tasks, and more with Pro and Ultimate plans.

View collaboration features →

Feel you belong

We don’t just guarantee our Professional Business Email service — we use it. Our 2000 Namecheap staff across 23 countries and three continents are happily connected.

Expand your universe

Run your business with a growth mindset. All secure email hosting plans come with these useful tools for better security, data safety, and expansion.


Robust anti-spam protection

Enjoy super-secure email hosting including free anti-spam protection to safeguard every message.


Safe and strong 2FA

Private Email supports TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) 2FA.


Tighter app security

Get enhanced account protection and privacy. You can set other secure passwords for apps to protect your main password from compromise.


Brand impact

Strengthen your brand with social media links and bespoke logos, handwritten and HTML signatures. Create with images, colors, styles, and shapes to match.


Free forwarding addresses

Look even more credible and use your professional email address to create aliases (, — all feeding into one inbox.


Confident growth

Scale-up with our Pro and Ultimate plans where you can get extra mailboxes included, more storage, ActiveSync, CalDav, and CardDav. All additional mailboxes are 2x less than subscription prices.

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New to Private Email — Jellyfish

New to Private Email — Jellyfish

Robust spam controlNew anti-spam tool

Jellyfish guards your inbox and is already 64.4% more effective at spam detection than our previous anti-spam service. What’s more, Jellyfish is self-learning — neutralizing 2.6 million harmful emails a day.

More you can do with Jellyfish →
  • Self-learning neural network
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Friendly UI for managing spam
  • 100% built by Namecheap

Is this you?

Want to know which package is right? See if we’ve got what you need. Remember, you can try out any secure email service plan free for 60 days.

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I need to take one small step

How do you know—until you try? Do you need to take the first step towards a new tomorrow? Start your dream, small business, following, or side-hustle with...

Starter plan

  • 1 mailbox included
  • 5GB for emails
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I need to sell more and grow

Is your small enterprise growing? Do you need to equip your in-house team with a professional email solution, manage more contacts, and store more data? Go with ...

Pro plan

  • 3 mailboxes included
  • 30GB for emails
  • Full mobile sync support

    Complete synchronization of emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks on your mobile devices accessible even when you are offline.

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I have a busy company

Does your bigger business need more server power for your collaborating teams? Does a separate mail server, with your own outgoing mail queue for fast delivery at higher volumes sound about right? Choose ...

Ultimate plan

  • 5 mailboxes included
  • 75GB for emails
  • Full mobile sync support

    Complete synchronization of emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks on your mobile devices accessible even when you are offline.

  • Docs, Sheets & Presentations
  • Premium Email Delivery

    Ultimate plans are powered by separate high-availability mail servers. These servers send your mail from specially provided IP addresses - with premium-level IP reputation monitoring. This means emails are processed and delivered faster with the highest priority.

Talk to us

I want to talk

Need help to take the next step? Want to discuss your small business, email account transfers to Namecheap, or secure email service features? For all your questions choose …

Talk to us

Namecheap’s Support Team is here for you 24/7. We can talk you through your email needs and advise which package suits your requirements.

Tech specs

Starter $14.88 /yearPro $41.88 /yearUltimate $71.88 /year
Email Features
Secure Webmail

Web based access to your email accounts, calendar, contacts, tasks, portal.

Secure Email Storage

Emails are stored securely on our servers.

2-Factor Authentication

Keeps your Private Email account 100% safe even if your password has been stolen.

Jellyfish Anti-Spam Protection

Smart email anti-spam security and advanced spam management tool.


Standard protocols that can be used for email sending and receiving in all email clients.

All-in-One Email Account

Access all your email (even external) accounts within the App Suite. Use "Unified Inbox" to share standard system folders (Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam and Trash) among your selected email accounts.

Full Mobile Support

Synchronization of email, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes from the server to your mobile device.

Mailboxes Included

Mailboxes included in your plan by default. You can also add a mailbox for price according to your plan at any time.


Maximum number of aliases for each mailbox. Alias is a forwarding address. It doesn't have its own storage but forwards e-mails to main e-mail address.

Email Storage

Mailbox capacity.

Collaboration features
Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools including shared calendar and contacts.

File Storage

File storage capacity. Provided per subscription.


Synchronize your files from various devices to the File storage capability.

Document View

View all your documents (docx, doc, odt, txt, rtf, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, and multimedia files) in one place. The "Document Viewer" automatically chooses the best preview format.


Online creation & collaborative real-time editing of docx text documents & collaborative real-time editing of doc, odt, rtf among Ultimate users. Collaborative real-time editing of txt and csv files (one editor, unlimited viewers of other file types). Versioning support.


Online creation of spreadsheet documents. Collaborative, real-time editing (one editor, unlimited viewers). Versioning support.


Online creation of presentations. Collaborative, real-time editing (one editor, unlimited viewers). Versioning support.

1 Year Subscription

Price for the subscription with default number of mailboxes.

1 Additional Mailbox

Price for 1 additional mailbox per year.

Free Trial Period

Choose 2 months billing cycle to get 60 days free trial.

60 days60 days60 days
Migrate your email to Namecheap in 3 steps

Migrate your email to Namecheap in 3 steps

Worried if you switch email accounts you’ll lose your email data? Forget what you’ve heard about complex email migration!

Transfer today →

Why Namecheap

Privacy and security

Namecheap is dedicated to your website security and privacy. We will always support the rights of individuals and consumers online. It's our mission to keep the Internet open, free, and safe for everyone.

Your business online

We pride ourselves in offering industry-premium products and services at prices that won't break your budget. If it doesn't provide you with a better Internet experience, we don't sell it.

Customer service

Our Support Team is the most knowledgeable in the business and is consistently noted for friendliness and professionalism by our customers. Team members are ready to assist you with any issue, any time, 24/7.


What is email hosting?
Just like with web hosting, email hosting is a service provided by a hosting or email company to manage custom domain-based email accounts. Most companies basically rent out space on an email server to customers, then handle email sending and receiving.

Our professional email is, however, more than just a storage space and delivery service. It’s a wide variety of integrations and collaboration features available to boost productivity and team effectiveness.

Discover more about our email hosting.
Can I find out who is hosting my email right now?
Email hosting company is usually defined by MX records that point incoming emails to a particular provider — who then processes those messages. In order to find the MX records, it’s necessary to perform an MX lookup. For example, if your email address is you need to look up MX records for

Free online services such as MXtoolbox will give you a list of MX records that usually offer a provider’s name and corresponding IP addresses records. Sometimes, though, a domain can have a custom domain-based email MX record (e.g. If that’s the case, you should also perform a Whois search on one of the IP addresses. That will give you the name of the email provider. Using free online services such as Network Tools is great for this.
How do I get a company email address?

It’s easy! Let’s see how to get your own email for your domain name with us, and how to make a business email address.

  • First, you need to register a domain name. You can do this with any domain name registrar. But, if your domain is with Namecheap and you purchase an email plan, all your records will be automatically set up in most cases.
  • If you registered your domain name somewhere else, it’s called a 3rd party domain name. But don’t worry. You can still enjoy an email plan with us and easily set this up in a few clicks. You’ll get the steps sent to you personally.

Once you have an email plan set up, is ready to go! And did you know you can try Professional Business Email free for 60 days? Need more? Here’s our full selection of email packages.

How do I set up my business email?
This is usually a question of setting up the right DNS records and activating your mailbox. Your email provider should give you the details you need. If you’ve already registered a domain name and purchased a business email with us. It’s simple to get started. You just need to follow our easy step-by-step guides to set up the right DNS records and then create your Private Email mailbox. Our 24/7 customer support is also ready to answer any questions.
What are the benefits of email hosting?
With our hosted email service, you are renting high-quality email servers to manage the communications of your business. Some hosting providers offer free email hosting options with very few features and little to no support. Private Email from Namecheap is a premium email interface that gives you more flexibility and power. It’s just one of the reasons so many business owners choose Private Email, along with our 24/7 customer support. Learn more about hosted email.
What are the best features of Namecheap Private Email?
Our customers truly love that Private email is collaborative and provides a fresh interface that works across all devices – including tablets, desktops, mobile and notebooks – allowing users to communicate whenever, and wherever, they want. Private Email allows users to add a public space using shared folders, create and manage work schedules, and much more. Users can set and control tasks with ease. Everyone in your company can quickly view the availability of colleagues when planning meetings and breakouts. Admins love how easy it is to share data and control who has access to files. Learn more about the best features of Private Email.
Is it necessary to have a Namecheap web hosting plan to use Private Email?
No, you don’t need any web hosting plan to use Private Email. They are two separate products and can be bought independently of one another, but they also work smoothly together. Differences between Namecheap Private Email and cPanel email →
Can I see what the product interface looks like before buying it?
Yes — we have plenty of videos that show the look and feel of the Private Email interface in our Knowledgebase videos section.
Are email migrations available when switching to Private Email?
If you are using a third-party email service hosted elsewhere, and would like to switch to premium Private Email, you can easily migrate your old emails to our servers using the Webmail interface. Important messages from your Inbox, Drafts, Sent, and other folders can all be moved to your Namecheap new servers. Whether you are using Outlook, Thunderbird, MacMail, or a web-based email service, we provide helpful instructions to assist with the process. Learn more about how to transfer emails.
Which 2FA methods do you support?
Private Email supports TOTP methods of second-factor authentication, which is among the toughest technologies in the world today.

TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) is a standardized method that generates a changing temporary code that is unique each time, and expires as soon as the new one has been generated.

For more information about 2FA methods, and how to enable it for your business email, follow here.
  • Promo code MAILDEAL discounts purchase of Starter Plan for 20%, Pro Plan for 28%, and Ultimate Plan for 33%.
  • All discounts are for the first year only. Renewals are available at regular prices.
  • Promotional pricing is only applicable to the default mailbox options – and does not cover additional mailboxes.
  • All Namecheap Private Email plans have 60 days free trial period. Starter plan free trials are limited to 5 per Namecheap account. Pro and Ultimate plan free trials are limited to 1 per account. All trial offerings can not be used more than once per domain.
  • Trial period is considered a purchase, and no introductory offers may be used upon renewal after this period.
  • Free Private Email 60-day trial offer is not available with these domains: .tk / .ml / .ga / .cf / .gq / If you want to use the mentioned domains, choose a paid plan or use any other domain to get your free trial.
  • Private Email paid plans and trial offers are not available with these domains: .ru / .xn--p1ai / .by / .xn--90ais / .su / .1. Choose any other domain to order Private Email.
  • It’s possible to use Private Email plans with Handshake domains for outgoing mail only. Incoming mail is not supported for Handshake domains due to their nature. Learn more →

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