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Lisa McKnight

As a digital technology copywriter, I'm passionate about communicating how vital the information industry is and how stuff works. If it's complicated I believe it can also be engaging. With 10 years of copywriting in B2B and B2C marketing, technology is rocking my world.

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business email setup
Article type.guide
Business Email Set Up 101
101 Series, Business Tools & Tips, Small Business Management
Ready to launch your business email? You can use this information to set up your business email. Read this step-by-step guide to find out the different ways you can set up this vital marketing tool.
February 2024
Read time.10 mins
Article type.guide
How to make business-boosting email signatures
Email Marketing, Online Marketing
Simply put, it is an automatic standard text beneath every email you send. The people who receive your emails see your signature if you have one. Thus it is a valuable point of attention which many people and businesses do not seem to take advantage of. If you are not utilizing signature marketing, you are missing business opportunities.
March 2022
Read time.9 mins
Article type.guide
The best types of business emails to write
Email Marketing, Online Marketing
Bookmark these professional email examples. Inspire your business comms and use this cool collection of email formats to write to clients, customers, followers, and even your employer.
June 2021
Read time.14 mins

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