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Your website doesn’t have to be the only place you operate your business. However, it is the primary location where new and repeats customers will find you. When you think about branding, your domain name is as important as the name you give to your business.

You can no longer get by on a sub-par .com domain name string such as It’s no longer 1995; consumers give priority and bestow authority on businesses that showcase themselves online. This is why details such as TLDs are worth taking the time to consider.

Choose a domain extension that fits your niche


Let the world know that you mean business with a .pro domain extension. If you’re a leader, or aspiring leader in your field, having a professional, .pro, TLD immediately signals to your clientele, and competition, that you have the right experience.

.pro was once only the TLD for certified professions in engineering, medicine, and finance, however now it’s open to the world. No matter what your expertise, .pro is available to you.

With this TLD, your domain communicates at a glance that your business is on a different level. From photographers to lawyers, plumbers to life-coaches .pro maintains a globally recognized professional image.


In a fast-paced world with limited attention spans getting shorter and shorter, .biz tells your customers who you are right away. With a .biz domain, you are already on your way before the customer even reads your mission statement.

The .biz extension is a way to signal that your website represents a business that is ready for serious customers. As a globally recognized short-hand for business, you can easily reach a broader audience. A top level-generic domain extension .biz is perfectly positioned for a commercial operation.


.ltd stands for ‘limited’, informing your clients that your specific business is a private limited company. Being an LLD is a specific form of company that is protected from liability in the wake of such potential downfalls like bankruptcy or other financial issues. It shields the personal owner from going under financially if the company suffers these problems.

LTDs are more popular in the Commonwealth countries and protects the owners and shareholders of a privately owned business. By choosing this top-level domain, your private limited organization shows your legal standing right away.


With the .llc TLD, Limited Liability Companies now have the perfect domain to establish and maintain their identity on the web. This domain creates a unique namespace apart from the crowded business TLD market, making it easier for any firm or partnership to stand out without having to change their existing branding or positioning.

Best of all, .llc can be registered by anyone–no need to wait until your company is up and running to claim your ideal .llc domain. From attracting funding to cultivating a customer base, with your .llc domain in place, you can start to build your business even before your business is official.

.llc is different from .ltd in that is denotes a ‘limited liability company’. This is perfectly suited for smaller businesses with a single owner. Popular with financial analysts, law firms, stockbrokers and even those who offer services on how to become an LLC (limited liability corporation), .llc is a perfect choice.

Being a limited liability company protects the owner from a personal financial disaster if their business runs into problems. It does not require being an incorporated business entity. If you already are an LLC, it makes the most business sense to have a TLD that reflects this. It gives your business the credibility it deserves. With the LLC TLD, you’re starting off on a strong footing with building lasting trust with your customer base.


Consultants rely on networking, marketing and word of mouth to keep business coming in the door. Now there's a top-level domain specific to the consulting industry, making it easier for potential clients to find the right consultants and for consultants to find networking solutions with ease.

With a broad term such as consulting, this can apply to scientific research, political wonks, or advertising branding to name a few. What sets you apart from the rest is by having the .consulting TLD signals your niche profession right away. This is the ideal TLD choice for consultants and consulting agencies in any field.

When you register your .consulting domain name through Namecheap, we'll include domain privacy protection, Dynamic DNS support, URL and email forwarding, and other useful features, all at no extra charge. Our customer service staffers are the best in the business, and they're available 24/7 to answer your questions.


It’s no secret that people turn to Google to solve everyday problems, such as getting from a to b, and more often than not, hailing a cab through their mobile devices. Creating a mobile-optimized site to catch this traffic is a sure-fire way to keep up with what’s become an industry norm for taxi and chauffeur service providers. Whether you’re a single cabby, run a fleet, or have an upscale chauffeur firm, a .cab TLD will set you on the right track.

There are still many domains available on this relatively new TLD, with sites like and offering inspiration. Don’t leave the meter running, given the abundance of taxi operatives worldwide, this one's bound to go quick.


For decades, limousines were a symbol of luxury travel, associated with stars of the silver screen and big players in business. They are opulence on four wheels and often came decked out with a mini bar and tv screens. Nowadays, though, limo services are more widely available and at a price point more in tune with regular folk. There are thousands of limo companies operating in the US alone, providing shuttle services for airport trips, rides on special occasions, and much more.

So, how do you stand out in this multi-billion dollar business known for its competitiveness? With a .limo domain. Stand out from the rest of the fleet with a .limo top level domain.This extension is an excellent fit for limousine companies that want to create a professional website to speak to their clients. Take inspiration from popular domains like and and create a .limo website for your business.


Online recruitment has overtaken traditional means of job hunting. The word “job” conjures up employment, but for ambitious people, “career” has a far more dynamic and rewarding ring to it. These days, people are more likely to check online listings for their next career move and with this domain extension you’ll speak to their desires. Get a domain that speaks to the determined with .careers.

Whether you’re in recruitment, or offering careers advice, the .careers namespace is a professional, and memorable way to inform people what your site is all about. Notable examples of the usage of .careers include, a job posting site, and, which offers automotive and transport industry career options.


We’re a food-driven culture and for many people, one of the highlights of the day is planning on what to cook, where to eat out, or where to order delivery from. With the inception of the internet and new forms of technology, the world moves at a fast pace, but eating good food has been one of the activities that hasn’t changed much in the twenty-first century. People have always been and always will be passionate about their meals.

Given the competition in the food industry, you have to meet people’s expectations to take on your competition, and what better way than with a .menu TLD. This TLD perfectly sums up what can be expected of a website, and it’s not just restaurants that can take advantage of it. The catering industry has seen a surge in demand for customer features, such as online ordering and table booking facilities, websites to display testimonials, premises and a copy of their menu.


Let people know where or how they can get a great cup of coffee with the new .coffee domain extension. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and this TLD is a fitting tribute. In America alone, over half of all adults drink at least one cup a day. If your business is in any way coffee-related, a .coffee extension can grab the attention of potential customers instantly.

Check out to see how one popular personalized coffee subscription service has used the TLD to great effect. .coffee provides a short and chic way to express a niche, whether you’re a franchise, a coffee manufacturer or an independant cafe, .coffee will distinguish you from the your competitors in the overcrowded field of .coms.


Anyone with a green thumb should be jumping on the new .florist TLD. Aside from the obvious floral shops, this extension is a great fit for flower wholesalers, landscapers, professional gardeners, and anyone else doing business interested in botany.


You don’t have to run an e-commerce site to use .store. According to Google, 76% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day With a .store domain, you can help guide your customer into choosing your products by supplying a browsable product catalogue, details about your location and opening times, contact details, and anything else that might encourage a visit.

However, if you do run an online store, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to make that clear to those looking for your products on the internet by taking a .store domain extension. Popular domains using .store include, the site for the Windows Affinity photo online store, and who sell gadgets.

Speak to your customers with a business TLD

For many businesses looking to establish themselves online, the process of selecting a domain name might not incite heaps of enthusiasm. If your perfect domain isn’t available in .com and you’re tasked with looking further afield, the whole process might seem confusing and time-consuming. In reality, choosing a TLD for your domain doesn’t have to be either of these things. These new business-friendly TLDs narrow down your options and convey a clear message about what you’re offering.

If one of these TLDs speaks to you, it’s time to browse Namecheap's catalogue of domain names. Once you’ve found the perfect domain name, you can register it in a few clicks of the mouse.

At Namecheap, we don’t stop at the point of purchase. To give your business website the best possible chance, we provide free Whois Protection, free dynamic DNS, Email & URL forwarding, and much more.

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