Ready-Made TLDs for Service Professionals

Namecheap S. | April 27, 2022
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If you’re doing any kind of on-site work, you simply can’t market yourself effectively without the web. The internet’s sprawl can make it hard for homeowners and landlords to find the right service personnel to get the job done and you need to help them. To feature in search listing and stand out from your competitors, you need a domain name that instantly speaks to the services you offer.

New top-level domains (TLDs) have every angle covered when it comes to repairs, contracting, and construction. Get a domain on one of the following TLDs for a website that’s truly specific to the services you offer.

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Domain extensions for service professionals


The term "services" encompasses a number of different meanings. It can refer to serving the community, serving one's country, serving customers or serving the public. Whatever type of service your business or organization provides, the .services top-level domain offers a recognizable and relevant website naming option. This TLD helps those on the receiving end find the support they need, while those who offer services are able to better connect and network with their targeted market sectors.

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Tell the world what you can fix!

Things break all the time, and it's up to the hard-working men and women of the repair world to get our cars, computers, gadgets and other items up and running again. To increase visibility and make it easier for users to find the right repair people for the job, the .repair top-level domain provides an online hub for the whole industry.

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Are you a maker of things, or a proprietor of the tools that makers use? If so, then this is the TLD for you! ‘Tools’ is a highly versatile word, shaping the imagination from the literal to the conceptual. Industries like construction, mining, landscaping, and handiwork are obvious.

Software companies selling creative solutions or management communication platforms can use a .tools TLD to convey that they offer working solutions to their users. Tools can refer to all sorts of things that help a customer manifest their dreams.

A web domain is your address on the Internet, but it’s more than just a name. Your domain carries your brand, your public image, and your professional reputation. It’s the first thing people see when they visit you online – where more and more of our interactions are happening. Choosing the right domain has become more critical than ever.

Show customers you can help with your own .tools domain →


Every profession can be considered a trade, especially when one apprentices or spends years learning from the best. Traditionally, trades are considered handiwork such as goldsmithing, repairs, blacksmithing or carpentry. If you’re in the line of work where your skills take years to master, and you want people to know you’re an expert, .trade is the TLD for you. Conversely, the word ‘trade’ lends itself to the financial realm. If your line of work revolves around stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, .trade is a strong TLD to purchase.

Stand out from the crowd by choosing a domain that defines your business right away. In a sea of .com domains, a unique TLD will stop new customers in their tracks and help them to take a longer look at what your expertise has to offer them.

Tell your story with a .trade domain →


From B2B to B2C, the .supply TLD has you covered! Online retail and brick-and-mortar stores catering to specific customer bases such as crafting, sewing, gardening, etc. are great candidates for this choice of domain. Affiliate sites that promote and discuss camping gear or targeted tech tools can also use .supply creatively. The opportunities are endless for a business owner that wants to grow in their field and rise above the competition.

In a competitive online world, your web address is your brand. Choose the right one straight away to increase your business’ visibility. Public image and reputation start at the beginning with the proper name, and that includes a unique TLD!

Show you’ve got the goods with a .supply domain →


For many people, the internet is the first place to look when they need a plumber. That's why having an easy-to-find and credible website is crucial for today's professional plumbers. The .plumbing TLD (top-level domain) is perfect for this purpose – this new domain helps define the industry niche and gives a recognizable title to domain names.

When you register your .plumbing domain through Namecheap, you'll receive these valuable extras: Custom page parking, email and URL forwarding, Whois privacy protection, DNS support, our quality guarantee and the finest service team in the industry. Ratchet up your online business with a .plumbing domain today.

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The new .equipment TLD is a generic option meant to provide broad support for several market sectors. It's a great choice for sports equipment rental facilities, farm equipment retailers, construction equipment review blogs, and any other business that deals with equipment in any industry. With a .equipment domain name, you have a relevant and searchable URL that's sure to make your business more visible and easily recognizable.

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The .lighting gTLD (generic top-level domain) can be used for any type of website, which is good news for the lighting industry since it covers so many different fields of work. Do you run a showroom featuring lighting designs from the latest and greatest? Maybe you’re the manufacturer of lighting fixtures, an installer, or an energy services company that keeps the lights on. .lighting is a versatile TLD for all aspects of the industry.

This is the perfect domain to register if your business or organization is focused on lighting.

Register a .lighting domain today →


Serving the purposes of the multi-billion-dollar construction market, the new .construction top-level domain provides a flexible, relevant namespace that works great for any business entity in this field. This domain may be registered by any individual, group or business for any purpose, making it a unique and versatile solution.

Residential home construction or retail and office buildings, a company that specializes in bringing architectural plans to physical fruition is a prime candidate for a .construction TLD. Even periphery companies like those that hire construction workers, or train them to become specialists, can benefit from this domain.

Lay the groundwork and drive leads with a .construction domain →


The term "contractor" could refer to anyone from a building contractor to a graphic designer, web developer or writer. Contractors make up a large portion of today's workforce, so the new .contractors TLD (top-level domain) is great news for a great number of people and businesses. It's a flexible extension that can be registered by anyone for almost any purpose.

For example, if your services extend beyond generalized handiwork to include licenses in HVAC, plumbing, electrical or carpentry, you’ll want to differentiate yourself from the competition with .contractors.

Get a .contractors domain for your business and let customers know you can help →


For chefs, retailers, remodelers & others

The new .kitchen TLD (top-level domain) provides a namespace relevant to the kitchen industry. As an open registry, this TLD is broad enough to include all design, supplies, remodeling, and magazines related to kitchens, both at home and for industrial applications. The .kitchen extension works great for home improvement and cooking blogs, as well as storefronts for kitchen supply retailers, remodeling contractors, and designer portfolios.

Start cooking with a .kitchen domain →


Builders create what begins in the imagination. They bring to life the ideas of artists, architects, and technological futurists. With this easily identifiable TLD, builders of all sorts can promote their services.

It's a namespace that helps establish credibility and trust within the industry. For independent contractors, building firms, construction companies, websites that focus on building techniques, or any business that provides materials to builders, this is the ideal domain to register.

Register a .builders domain and help your customers achieve their dreams →


The smooth and shiny .glass top-level domain has endless applications. Web-users enter "glass" into searches all the time, looking for car windshield replacements, glass-blowing classes, glass art, home windows, wine glasses, eyeglasses, and countless other items. If your business makes, repairs or sells anything glass-related, you need a .glass website.

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Anyone who has ever bought or sold a house can tell you there are numerous intricate steps involved – and even more working components to the house itself. With the .house domain, homeowners can find all the resources they need in one convenient online hub. The .house extension is perfect for builders, realtors, contractors, inspectors, property assessors, decorators and anyone who writes about finding the right house or turning it into a home.

Give your website a new home with a .house domain →


By the year 2030, gree power systems will likely generate up to 60 percent of the world's energy. And the biggest share of green power is solar energy. As this innovative industry develops into a truly global market, the .solar domain will become an invaluable resource. It's the ideal website naming solution for solar enthusiasts, a place to share ideas, market products and publish research.

Shine a light on your new website with a .solar domain →

Sell your services with a new TLD

With a domain name that highlights the services you offer, your target demographic will have a better chance of understanding who you are, and what's on offer. Whether they find your domain on a business card, on a flyer, in a newspaper ad, or the search listings, a specialized TLD lets you stand out from the increasingly-crowded .com domain namespace.

When you’ve decided on the right TLD, look no further than Namecheap to get your domain registered and launch yourself online. We don’t stop at the point of sale, our domains come with free dynamic DNS, URL forwarding, Whois protection, and more.


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