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Real estate entrepreneur Jeff Greene put it best: you make 10% of your money in real estate because you're a genius and 90% because you catch a great wave. Snapping up one of these new TLDs aimed at various sectors of the estate or management, technology or investment is a fire way to do just that. With the release of new gTLDs specific to property, trade, assets and management, reaching your target market has never been easier.

Research, management, operations, and risk evaluation play a huge part in any investment strategy, whether it’s for real estate, stocks, or venture capital. To make it easier for you to find the most relevant new domain, we’ve bundled together with the TLDs that could arguably work for any firm.

Domain extensions for your new enterprise


This TLD is open to many interpretations from businesses to non-profits. Fraternities and sororities, as well as other university organizations, can use .house for their groups. In addition, bed and breakfasts seeking to set themselves apart from the competition can do so with the creative use of .house.

NGOs and non-profits benefiting local communities who provide shelter to the homeless, recovering addicts or survivors of abuse would send a clear signal of safety by using .house.

Register .house today →


The .ventures gTLD is a very versatile option for your domain name. With the ability to be interpreted broadly, term, it’s attractive to a variety of websites, allowing any type of business venture to gain footing on the internet, and open the gateway to a global marketplace.

Whether you’re a venture capitalist, management advisory firm, or help connect real estate investors with properties, a .ventures domain name gives the impression that your company is cutting edge in your field of work and willing to take risks.

Get underway with a .ventures domain →


The term “holdings” can refer to anything from land and property to stocks and other financial assets. Stockbrokers, day traders, and the myriad of professionals working in the fields of investments can use a .holdings domain to make their mark online.

This domain extension adds a sense of legitimacy to financial institutions. In a time when public faith is dwindling, you can better establish trust with clients and procurers with a .holdings domain. It conveys a sense of legitimacy and can be the difference between someone visiting your website or that of your competition.

Be authoritative with a .holdings domain →


If you’re a landowner or property management firm, this TLD is ideal for any properties you may want to put online, whether it’s for direct sales, rentals or even sublets. .estate is more than just about property, though. Attorneys that specialize in wills and estate management can find .estate to be a great way to stand out from their competition that uses a standard .com domain. .estate is as flexible as your business.

For example, a real estate broker no longer needs to put ‘real estate’ into what could be an overly long domain name. By that logic, the same goes for attorneys whose focus is on estate management. The .estate simplifies the domain name while communicating the expertise at a glance.

Any business with “Estate” in its name should take advantage of this TLD →


.land is the TLD realtors and real estate investors have been waiting for. As you know, real estate is all about location, location, location. Anyone buying, selling, developing or managing land has found their prime space online with a .land domain. A website with a .land TLD can communicate your particular niche in real estate, i.e. land and plots, related to your properties directly to potential owners with this short and relevant domain extension.

Stake your claim with a .land domain →


Make your website sparkle with a .diamonds domain. This exciting new gTLD lends a sense of prestige and excellence to any company operating in the luxury industries. Anyone in brand management and PR could use this domain extension to showcase their clients, for example.

This gTLD can be quite versatile and used for many businesses related to the gem trade. If you’re a portfolio manager who helps clients hedge investments utilizing diamonds and other valuable gemstones, this could be for you. In relation, precious stone and diamond dealers should jump at the chance to use a domain extension that relates directly to their unique business.

Get a .diamonds domain that helps you shine →


The dictionary definition of an enterprise describes a business or company, a project or undertaking, especially a bold or complex one. These connotations lend themselves perfectly to businesses and individuals to give their new website an extra bit of bang for the buck.

Use .enterprise to launch your real estate acquisition company, an investment profile or a management portfolio for example. Businesses, management consultancies agencies, and any other professionals wanting to launch their online business now have a credible namespace with .enterprises.

Boldly go with a .enterprises domain today →


This TLD is a great way to set your name above the rest of the business community. If your line of work lies in training programs, coordination in corporate structures, or property management, .management is a great choice. Property management companies are especially likely to choose a .management TLD. It shows commitment to longevity and asserts your services to new and existing clientele.

Register a .management domain for improved visibility, and better networking capabilities →


Startups and established companies alike must establish themselves online to remain competitive. Consumers make decisions based on search engine results, and if you’re not featuring, you’re handing clients to your competitors. The .company TLD offers a way to distinguish yourself in a busy marketplace, especially if the word “company” is in your business’s name.

Using a standout extension will make an impression early on and make sure your website gets noticed in a sea of generic .coms.

Get a .company domain →


In the fast-paced world of start-ups, especially technology start-ups, with new and inventive job titles, .ceo says it all. CEOs are essential to businesses in several ways: they can be a leadership specialist; they can provide guidance that leads a company to IPO; they can innovate with new ideas and new business endeavors.

Separate yourself from the rest of the herd by stating right off the bat that you’re a seasoned leader in your field with .ceo. Use it as a platform to blog about your businesses’ successes and challenges or just use a .ceo domain as a central location for links to your social media accounts and appearances elsewhere on the web.

Not just for CEOs, corporate headhunters who specialize in hiring for high-level positions could benefit from the branding that a .ceo provides. In addition, training sites that provide guidance and education for ambitious young executives should look to purchase a .ceo domain.

Register a website with a .ceo domain and get noticed →


Millions of people take to the internet every day to search for answers to their problems. Tell the world about your technology, management, real estate or investment solutions with a .solutions domain name. Potential customers are seeking guidance for larger endeavors like selling a property or taking advantage of overseas investment opportunities.

Software solutions for corporations looking to streamline their internal communications, recruiting companies, or even fitness and weight loss brands can use a .solutions TLD. Brand your company with a clear message, with a website that features this concise and relevant domain extension.

Get a domain on the .solutions TLD to start solving problems for your clients →


Go global or go home! The .international domain extension is for people who dream big, beyond their four walls, and domestic and international borders. If your business operates internationally let people know about it with a .international domain name.

Does your management firm have offices worldwide? Is your real estate business operating in more than one country? Do you provide international investment strategies? These are just a few examples of how this gTLD can be put to work.

Register a .international domain today and reach across borders around the planet →


Like .international, global describes something the whole world, the global economy for example. Global also relates to something that’s all-encompassing, for example, do your management services offer a global picture of what is involved in a project? Perhaps your business ships to locations across multiple continents, or your consultants are available within any timezone to advise. This domain extension opens up a world of possibilities for the entrepreneur who dares to dream big.

Get your .global domain and tell the world you’re ready →

Set yourself apart with a new TLD

Using a unique and industry-specific TLD will allow you to set yourself apart from your competition. Management, real estate and investment are all highly lucrative and competitive fields. You’re going to have competition no matter what and every advantage will help. These TLDs will elevate your digital brand and help your unique offerings get noticed.

Check the list of all TLDs, register your new domain with Namecheap and join over a million happy customers who are using our services. Once you’ve purchased the perfect domain name, take advantage of our free Whois Protection, Email & URL forwarding, free dynamic DNS and more.


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