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Almost everyone knows now, in 2020, that a great logo is essential to stand out and make your mark, both as a person and a business. So let’s say you’ve set time aside to brainstorm a logo that will be as cool, clever and memorable as Nike’s ‘Swoosh’ symbol. But what if you come u with a blank — where to begin, and how to get those inspiration light bulbs going off in your head?

That’s where a quality Logo Maker really shines out. With just a few fast clicks to set your taste preferences, it gives you a wide range of templates, then makes it easy for you to tailor them exactly as you like without needing design skills. Our Logo Maker is free too, so you can play around as much as you like.

In this article, we’ll help you narrow down your template choices by explaining the key design inspiration tips for specific industries, so you can get to grips with what to keep in mind when creating logo ideas for your sector.

Industry Inspiration Need-to-Know

Each industry has its norms and bold exceptions when it comes to logos. Depending on your individual business, you may want to follow a look that has already worked for large brands, or go the other way and break from the herd with something totally different to stand out. Either way, be sure to stick with the core design rules, so your logo looks professional — learn more about this in these articles:

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How to Choose the Right Font Look for Business Logos

Advertising & Marketing Industry

  • This sector is all about boldly and clearly getting your message across, so the last thing you’d want is something like a script font which can be hard to read in smaller sizes. The typeface that will tend to work best is a clean sans serif or display font.
  • Black and white are a common color palette choice, but also think outside the box because this sector is about being creative. Pastel colors for this industry would come across as lacking in divisiveness, and not strong enough to rise above competitors. Be bold with your logo ideas.
  • For your icon image, there is no norm for this sector. Some advertising agencies have one, others only use a typeface. The main thing is to communicate concepts like ‘innovation’, ’strong ideas’, ‘creating’. You can do this with abstract icons or even with great fonts.
An example of a logo with black text and a yellow background

Beauty & Cosmetics Industry

  • Makeup companies tend to use only brand name typography, rather than including icons. Think Clinique, Deciem, Estee Lauder, Smashbox and Urban Decay, to name just a few. It makes sense, because there’s fierce competition and specific audience targeting, so the brand identity counts for everything. You could either go with an elegant, sophisticated serif font, or a more modern, streamlined sans serif font. It all depends on what you think your main audience will most resonate with.
  • The same goes for your color choice, it all depends on what your main audience will most resonate with. Some beauty branding examples are: pastel colours for a young tween audience; unusual avant garde colors for an urban twenties audience; or golds and other sophisticated colors for a more mature audience.
  • Bear in mind that for this sector your logo will need to look great and distinctive across a range of placements: different bottle sizes, makeup accessory bags, Thank You cards, even packaging for scented candles. Be sure to have a vector svg file, it sizes automatically so will save you a world of headaches.
An example of a logo with black text and a pink background

Boutique Industry

  • With this sector, the emphasis is on having more personality and exclusivity than large brands, so you’ll need a logo that’s very original. For this reason, boutique brands tend to either have elaborate typography design, or icon symbols that express what they offer, such as apparel, vases, jewelry, etc.
  • An elegant script font (which looks like handwritten cursive), or alternatively a unique display font would work well for this industry.
  • When it comes to the layout, you’ll probably be using a range of digital and print mediums to promote your brand, from online platforms to beautifully crafted letter invoices and labels. So be sure your logo is flexible with file format and sizing.
  • Traditionally, boutique brands have gone with feminine logo color palettes. But if you’re more contemporary, you’d want to be more edgy. Common colors are black, gold, and maroon.
An example of a logo with a golden background and tan colored desert icon

Construction Industry

  • As you might imagine, logos for this sector tend to be very strong and bold, no messing around. That’s not to say you can’t go for a more refined look, it all depends on your type of business. For example, building construction has a very different feel to interior renovations.
  • For icons, abstract choices are the norm, since the lines represent movement, roads, and structures. On the other hand, if for example you’re a bricklaying company, an icon representing building blocks would be perfect.
  • As for color palettes, in the construction industry you’ll definitely want to go with bold choices. Ideas are: yellow and red associated with building signs; blue to convey trust and dependability; black for sophistication and a no-nonsense approach; or green if your company practices sustainability and working with natural designs.
An example of a logo for a battery company with white text and an energetic yellow icon

Consulting Industry

  • This sector is vast, spanning business strategy, management and operations. Consultants need to have a clever mix of analytical and social skills. While some specialize in certain industries, others don’t. This makes it harder to choose a popular color scheme, so go with your gut.
  • Choose a color palette that’s both professional and indicative of your consultant style. For example, if you specialize in corporate finance, then blacks, blues, or greys would be good choices. But if you mainly consult for tech startups, you’ll want to boost your inspiration and have more creative, vibrant colors in your logo.
  • The same applies to your icon symbol. Let it reflect your unique style and personality. Ideas could range from something abstract to reflect innovation, or something more concrete and tangible if you specialize in a certain sector.
  • Since companies hire consultants to bring order and clarity, you’ll want your font to express that. A sans serif typeface would be best, because it’s modern, clear and neutral enough to fit in with a broad range of companies you’ll work with.
An example of a logo with a dark blue background and a contrasting light blue flag icon

IT Industry

  • IT spans diverse sub-sectors. Networks for example tend to be more corporate, while software more creative and hip. So you have a wide range of color palettes to work with for logo ideas. The most popular choices are blues, greens, greys and reds. For Silicon Valley type startups, creating something super fresh would get you noticed.
  • The feel of this industry is innovation and futurism. Abstract icons reflect this best.
  • Your fonts should express the same futuristic, cutting-edge concept. A modern, clear sans serif typeface would work great. In contrast, a traditional cursive serif font would be the opposite of what you’re going for.
An example of a logo with white text and a rocket icon on a red background


The logo industry examples in this article give you a good idea about unique factors to consider when building your brand identity. We’ve explored design inspiration for a number of diverse sectors — advertising, beauty, boutique, construction, consulting, and IT. They demonstrate that you need to give some thought to the feel, norms, and concepts specific to the industry you’re in. These factors play a big part in the fonts, icon symbols and color palette that will fit best.

And the same applies to your blog banners. Once you get the right logo design that perfectly sums up the energy of your sector and company, be sure to communicate that feeling consistently throughout all your channels.

And one last tidbit — if you’re looking for awesome logo ideas for your 2020 YouTube channel, here are some key pointers to get you started:

  • There’s fierce competition on YouTube, so take your time to come up with something truly memorable, that communicates your style as an individual with something original to bring to the world. This is why a Logo Maker that quickly gives you a range of templates, then lets you easily tailor them, is super important.
  • Creating something special will take playing around a lot with different ideas, to get your inspiration flexing. That’s why a free Logo Maker is ideal, because the sky’s the limit in how many templates you can get, as well as share with your friends and colleagues for their feedback.
  • Make sure your icon symbol and color palette are not too busy on the eye. If you look at almost all the most well known brands, their logos are memorably strong by keeping it simple.

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