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Connor Harrison

Connor is a writer and musician from Nottingham in the UK. Having worked in both writing sectors and music spaces, Connor landed at Namecheap as a Domains Copywriter in 2022. Along his journey, he’s delivered for clients such as NME Networks, Virtuoso, and Kormax. While he’s away from the written word, he’s trying to come up with ideas that ‘definitely won’t fail this time’ with his business partner Harry.

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How to check a domain’s history before buying it
Buying & Selling Domains
Discover key insights on checking a domain's history, a crucial step for a secure and informed domain purchase.
November 2023
Read time.7 mins
Article type.guide
What is a .CA domain name?
Buying & Selling Domains, Choosing a Domain
Learn whether .CA is a reliable domain name, and how the .CA extension, a country code domain, can help your brand or business.
September 2023
Read time.6 mins
Article type.guide
The 10 best domain registrars of 2023
Buying & Selling Domains, Choosing a Domain, Getting Started Online
We’ve researched the best domain registrars, so you’ll know the best place to choose and buy a domain name.
September 2023
Read time.21 mins
Article type.guide
What is a custom domain?
Choosing a Domain
Understand custom domains to include relevant keywords, use your business name, and grow your brand quicker online.
August 2023
Read time.8 mins
Article type.guide
Namecheap Domain Insights & Trends Report
Buying & Selling Domains
See current domain registration trends, and get a peek at future domain industry insights.
July 2023
Read time.10 mins
Article type.guide
What is a business domain, and how can you get one today?
Choosing a Domain
Learn about the ins and outs of business domains and why they’re essential with this comprehensive breakdown.
May 2023
Read time.13 mins
Article type.guide
How to find and buy expired domains: a comprehensive guide
Buying & Selling Domains
From recovering your domain, establishing a new website, to buying a few as placeholders, find out the top five marketplaces.
May 2023
Read time.27 mins

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