TLDs perfect for your technology business

We're living in a world surrounded by technology transforming the way we live, work, and play. There's tech for the home, gadgets to enhance our spare time and all sorts of resources to automate and facilitate our working practices. Following the tech revolution we use .computer .technology to enhance our lives and .support our businesses, so why not create a domain that's an extension of yourself or your business with a TLD purpose-made for technology websites?

The best TLDs for tech businesses

Let's take a look at the kinds of domain extensions perfect for your tech business. The following gTLD's can be registered worldwide, without any restrictions.


The .ai gTLD was intended for use as the country-code domain for Anguilla. AI is also an acronym for Artificial Intelligence used by the computer and tech community and is widely known by members of the general public. Logically, this extension was swiftly adopted by websites themed around innovation in AI and machine learning.

The primary advantage to using the .ai TLD is that it immediately positions your business as cutting-edge and relevant to today's technology scene. That's one reason it's become so popular, and thanks to companies like Amazon and Google. Examples of the extension in use include:


The .codes extension has created a new namespace for IT, software development, programming related sites and maths communities. It's ideal for individuals and freelancers needing to present a portfolio, educational websites offering coding tutorials, and more. .codes has been widely adopted by people who get their hands dirty with programming, development, and cryptography.

Use the .codes TLD to create a memorable domain name for anything related to the word code; a destination for your business policies and codes of conduct for example, or a domain selling coupon codes. A great example is, programmer Rainier Louis' contact page.


Do you repair or sell computers? Are you a networking expert? Do you write about technology? Then .computer is perfect for you. Almost every career now involves computers in some way or another, and this TLD is perfect for review sites, storefronts, manufacturing, and a lot more.

For example, Warren Ellis, a writer known for commenting on the relationship between technology and the future uses as his blog domain. He posts to the site every morning, hence the domain name.


The domain space is fast expanding, and .domains is here to meet interest in the new domains released weekly. Anyone interested in the domain name space, or promoting their domains for resale like a domain registrar or hosting company should move quickly and snap up a .domains domain.

A .domains extension immediately helps you stand out from the crowd and quickly identify your purpose. Take for example; this site presents all newly registered domains.


Given that it's one of the biggest forms of professional communication these days, there are plenty of companies offering email marketing, email hosting, and other professional services. Stand out with a domain dedicated to email communication. .email is one of the very few TLDs with truly global reach since the word email is recognized in any language. With a .email domain, you are telling all internet users what you are offering; email services, using a short and professional domain extension.

For anyone looking for email services websites such as are sure to stand out. Mytemp is a successful online business providing temporary email-addresses for websites.


Like .ai, .gg started off as a country-specific code (for the Crown Dependency of Guernsey), but was opened up to the general public recently. If you're a gamer, you're likely very familiar with the "gg" abbreviation and know it's a perfect domain extension for your eSports, ranking, or streaming site. League of Legends fans regularly check out for stats and updates on which character should be used in which position while the American eSports organization Cloud9 keeps fans up to date at


.guru is the perfect top-level domain for all-seeing, all-knowing technology professionals. Synonymous with experts in a field, .guru is a great fit for anyone establishing themselves as a thought leader. Anyone looking for guidance online is likely to be attracted to a domain with the .guru extension. Use it for anything from tutorials and how-to blogs to websites offering advice.

This extension gives your business domain an instant affiliation with your specialization and a boost to your brand. That's precisely why the .guru domain has been widely adopted by tutors, mentors, professionals, bloggers, teachers, you name it. Take website for instance. This site connects users to personal computer drivers.


It doesn't matter if it's the web, email, mobile, or artificial intelligence: technology of all stripes has become key to the modern world. A .technology domain helps you stake your claim in times of rapid technological advances without leaning too hard into a single direction. Anyone from technology retailers and manufacturers, tech bloggers and, educational facilities have made this TLD work. is a great example of this TLD in action. DXC provide technology and consulting services for the healthcare system and, their URL reflects just that.


Does your business have the answers to your customer's problems? If your brand provides solutions to technical problems, making it easier for people to navigate this tech world, then a .solution domain is for you. It's been keenly adopted by everyone from FAQ websites to mobile apps and continues to grow rapidly. This top-level domain will instantly affiliate your business with finding help online. If someone is looking for answers on the web, it's more likely they will click on a site with .solutions in their URL.

Don't just take our word for it, reputable names in tech are already using this gTLD:

  • - is an award winning survey and data delivery agency

  • - writing, consulting and strategy to help nonprofits and social enterprises

  • - Landmark is the leading technology solutions provider of data and analytics, science, software, and services for the exploration and production industry.


Does your company provide support services? Are you creating a customer support site for your business? Look no further than .support. This domain extension is a simple way to create a memorable name for your site while stating its purpose explicitly. The .support TLD describes a clear destination for customers to access anything related to customer support, from FAQs to contact information.

Want to get inspired? Early adopters ThemePunch created to help users of their popular WordPress themes. Customer support specialists Ada also made use of this TLD as the home of the support pages for their AI chatbot business site


.systems is an apt TLD for anyone involved in computer systems. Businesses with a focus on systems engineering, cloud systems, networks, architecture integration, and data entry systems alike. It's a flexible TLD that provides instant relevance to browsers, searchers, and people sent directly through online advertising channels alike.

Many technology brands are already using .system domains. A standout firm using an old standby of business naming is They build and support a new generation of wireless security systems.


.tips has a lot going for it from the get-go: it's short; it's descriptive; and it has a lot of search volume associated with it. If you're building a website to help people out with specific issues, you can do much worse than a .tips domain. As you can imagine, .tips has been adopted by many how-to websites and tutorials. The internet is loaded with them which is all the reason to make yours stand out with a .tips domain for your informative website.

A great example of a site using this TLD is, which is packed with tutorials and tips to help players get the most out of their console and PC games.

Your tech domain name is waiting

You now have a good idea about the types of gTLDs that can accurately represent your technology business. If you're looking for a technology domain name, you've come to the right place. With Namecheap you benefit from simple and user-friendly domain name management, we provide a c-panel to set up apps and services and much more. Registering a Namecheap domain means full DNS control over your domain, free WHOIS privacy, and comprehensive customer support.

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