The best TLDs for creator websites

Working in a creative industry is about capturing people’s imaginations and setting trends while you do it. Whether you’re a writer, an aspiring photographer, or a tattoo artist, the best way to present your work to the broadest audience is with an online portfolio.

The only problem with creative sites? They are just about everywhere these days, and the audience can find themselves lost in a sea of blogs and websites covering all mediums, art, music, film, representing artists, designers, photographers, and writers. One way you can set yourself apart from the rest of your field is with a domain that features a TLD that represents your vision and your line of work.

The possibilities for your custom domain are endless. You can go for a general top level domain, such as .gallery, or .today, or perhaps something more specific, such as .camera or .recipes, for example. The following creative TLDs offer you the flexibility to decide how best to represent yourself with an a URL that your creative work deserves.

The best TLDs for creators


With .press, journalism gets a dedicated extension to promote a worldwide free press. Naturally, journalists are enthusiastically snapping up .press domains. The .press extensions have been widely adopted by publishers, news corporations, bloggers and media professionals. One high-profile example is Edward Snowden’s Freedom of the Press Association at


The .design extension is an obvious choice for a whole host of creatives looking for a home for their portfolios and websites. The design industry encompasses everything from web design, graphic design to interior design, and everything in between. This TLD is the perfect home for designers, design firms and people that blog about design in general.

For anyone in the design community .design signals to people that your site is about. What’s more ‘design’ is reportedly one of the most common keywords in .com domains. Think about that: competition for this TLD is going to be strong. Reading ‘design’ after the ‘dot’ creates a namespace any design enthusiast can appreciate.


While .tv was originally the top-level domain for the Polynesian islands of Tuvalu, it’s popular among sites that have a lot of video or television content. In October 2010, .tv made the record book for the fastest growing TLD on the web. That’s not surprising — TV is not only one of the most recognized abbreviations in the world, It’s also the place to be for anyone in tv, media or filmmaking looking to let the world know what they are all about. If you’re associated with the broadcasting industry, there’s no better fit than a .tv domain.


The .art domain is a pretty genetic extension that perfectly fits the expansion world of arts and culture. Serving the creative industries since 2018, .art is pretty fresh to the domain name scene. Launched in a bid to enhance the art industry's presence online, with .art, you have a short and memorable domain name that represents a space for creativity. Whether you are an artist or creative professional you can define your .art domain exactly as you choose to define it.


Blogs tell stories, showcase experiences, and offers tips and advice. There’s no shortage of blogs on the web, so what better way to set yourself apart from the rest of the blogging community than with a .blog extension. This namespace is ideal for bloggers, blogging platforms, and anyone else connected to the world of blogging.


At first glance, what do you think of when you see the .studio extension? All the synonyms for “studio” including all the creative industries that encompass them. This domain is attention-grabbing, versatile, and a pretty great fit for creative types in all fields. That’s why this extension has been so enthusiastically adopted by creative souls from photographers, to set designers, filmmakers, makeup artists, musicians, shared spaces, real estate, yoga classes, and more.


Photography is everywhere these days. There is a sea of photography sites, blogs and studios all capturing images created by the humble .camera. Whether you view the world through a lens or have the technology to allow others to, the .camera extension is for you. Anyone in the photography industry will find this domain extension a great fit for their camera shop, photographer’s portfolio, an online store selling the latest DSLRs, or any other industry professional.

Notable uses of .camera include, the domain for an award-winning 4K video camera from Vuze. Camera tech firm Mapir were also quick to see the benefits of registering a .camera domain showcasing their latest hardware over at

  • - the domain for an award winning 4K video camera from Vuze

  • - Mapir create survey cameras with automatic GPS tagging


There are more and more websites dedicated to the arts being brought online every day, helping creators and their audience connect. With the .gallery gTLD, photographers, artists, designers, and students can post their art in galleries online. Use the .gallery TLD to promote your brand, sell your work or simply network with the online community.

The .gallery top-level domain has been widely adopted by those in the business, including, a site showcasing examples of well-designed websites. Popular WordPress gallery Foo Gallery also found a home with this TLD by hosting their plugin at


If you’re a graphic artist or designer, there’s no better home for your work than a domain with a .graphics TLD Extensions .graphics is perfect for anyone involved in graphic design, allowing them to show their field of expertise before clients open their site. Use it for your portfolio, or to draw people to your professional design and graphics business.

One example of a website getting the most of this TLD is anthonyboyd.graphic. As the name implies, it’s the homepage of graphic designer Anthony Boyd, where he posts his own designs as well as assets he’s created for the community at large.


The .kitchen top-level domain provides a namespace for any website related to the culinary industry. This extension is perfect for restaurant sites, home-improvement stores, food writers and restaurant critics alike. As an open registry, anyone can get their hands on a .kitchen domain. Even if you just want to show people how to put dinner on the table.

From humble food and cooking blogs to bistros and upscale restaurants, .kitchen covers the entire culinary industry. Take inspired from early .kitchen adopters, a site that covers recipes and reviews for thermal cookers.


A .today domain gives the impression that you are up to speed on your creative niche. Creative industries change faster than many, and with a .today domain, you can offer a sense of urgency in a time when people expect things today, not yesterday, for whatever your website is offering, whether it be tutorials, journalism, offers, and more.

You can even use it to entice people to click on your site. One great example of the TLD in action is the URL for an augmented reality calligraphy tutorial site. They used .today to encourage people to click and


It’s never been easier to be a photojournalist, documentarian, archivist, you name it. Online, you can upload, edit and share your photos at lightning speeds, opening the gates for photographers to put their work up on display. Take inspiration from domains like This descriptive domain is the portfolio site for Lauren Studios, a high school portrait photography service.

While .photos domains are going to be snapped up by photographers, bloggers, stock photo sites and photo galleries, this extension is suitable for basically any site connected to camera images. Photography software and hardware suppliers are also likely to turn to .photos to host their tools and apps.

  • - Is the portfolio site of Lauren Studios, a highschool portrait photography service


The .recipes top-level domain represents a dedicated web space for the culinary community. This domain extension is ideal for sharing recipes on a food blog or recipe site, and for cookbook publishers. No matter what you’re cooking up if your content revolves around food, .recipes has you covered.

Great uses of the .recipes TLD include, a popular recipe site, and - a domain all about how to best eat while hiking.

Purchase a domain that illustrates your creative niche

Now that you’ve got a taste of what’s possible with a creative gTLD, now’s the time to carve your creative outline online. All of the domain extensions listed are available with Namecheap.

You can simply snap one up with your choice of a domain name, but why not take advantage of the other services we offer while you’re here? We offer everything from domain hosting to get your site online to extra services, such as SSL certificates for security, and more.

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