Writing successful affiliate product reviews

Product reviews are an important part of the research online buyers use to decide whether or not they will buy something. If you plan to become a successful affiliate marketer you need to develop a solid approach to reviewing products and services. The five points below will get you started on the right track.

5 points to remember when writing a review

  1. Use the product

  2. Be detailed

  3. Use screenshots or images

  4. Be honest - pros and cons

  5. Read other consumer reviews and make note of any pluses and minuses they mention

Use the product

The most important part of any review is to actually use the product. The difference between a successful product review and one posted merely to have one on your site is the details and depth of your review. Be thorough, outlining all ways the product can be used.

Be detailed in your review writing

The more detailed your review, the more readers will appreciate your insights and accredit your opinions with more authority. Think about how you do your own research when buying things online. When writing reviews, less is most certainly not more.

Use screenshots and images

The use of images and screenshots are important elements in successful reviews. Studies show that people engage with and prefer content with visual support. By combining well-written text with reinforcing imagery makes for reviews that will bring visitors back.

Be honest - pros and cons

As much as you may want to promote the product to get conversions, you need to provide honest insights. Using Pros and Cons is a popular method, and it forces you to include any downside to the item you are reviewing.

Read other consumer reviews and make note of pluses and minuses they mention

While you do not want to copy others work, reading other consumer reviews can show you areas you may have overlooked in your first use of a product. As mentioned above the pluses and minuses of a product are what readers look for. Think of restaurant reviews - when you are searching for a new place to get a meal reading the highs and low points about the food etc. help you decide. Looking at others comments allows you to see a product from different viewpoints and provide a more detail review.

These steps will help you create successful product reviews and get your audience returning to your site and converting to sales.

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