Using SSL Certificates in Affiliate Marketing

The need for SSL certificates has become an integral part of any website these days. Apart from the security they provide, it seems that Google and their search rankings, as well as the treatment of pages in browsers, are impacted by the use of SSLs.

Secure Sockets Layer is the standard technology for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. Initially, SSLs were used for sites accepting online sales using credit cards to provide a secure connection against loss of user information. Over time, this came to include login and sign-in needs, and to protect sensitive data such as birth dates, social security information, addresses, and driver’s license or ID numbers.

With the changes made at Google and their Chrome browser over privacy and user trust, the use of SSL certificates has become even more imperative.

Using SSL with Affiliate Websites

“An SSL-certified website runs on https protocol. This activates the browser padlock or a prominent green browser bar to show visitors it is safe to browse. Reputable websites use SSL to protect their customer’s data and their online transactions; their reputation depends on it,” this page explains.

Beyond security, trust, and search rankings, many sites need SSL for financial requirements. No matter what you are affiliate marketing - financial services, credit card applications, and the like - you need to have an HTTPS website.

Installing an SSL certificate may seem complicated but can be done rather simply. “To add SSL certification, a website must have passed verification controls held by authorized Certificate Authorities. If the application and supporting documentation is approved, it will issue an SSL certificate.”

How Much Do SSL Certificates Cost?

SSL certificates vary in price and level of security depending on what type of affiliate marketing you do will determine which one to buy. The immediacy of an affiliate’s need may also vary depending on the products they are marketing. But given the changes in privacy and security are just going to get more complex - installing an SSL certificate could be a smart move.

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