5 Smart Affiliate Content Strategies

Online content is a significant way successful affiliate marketers make sales. They provide content that is of interest to their visitors and promotes products that their visitors buy. Achieving similar results can be attained by using some of the strategies listed below.

  1. Write content with high search volume
  2. Write about events related to your niche
  3. Write detailed and honest product reviews
  4. Write to the bigger audience
  5. Research your prospects and your products

Write affiliate content with high search volume

Before you start writing about any topic you should research the volume of search for that topic. While this may sound obvious, many writers start with an idea that they think should be of interest to their readers without knowing if that is true.

If that has been your approach, you can measure your success by the number of reads your content marketing has gotten by looking at your analytics. Too often that approach comes across as preachy - you are telling your audience that you know what they should know, as opposed to providing them with the information they are actually looking for.

Start with a search of your competitors and their content. Gather these topics and do searches using a tool such as Spyfu that allows you to see the search volume for these and other related topics. While you may not rank in search results immediately for them, you will know they are popular, and even sharing on social platforms will garner traffic, as people want to know about those topics.

Write about events related to your niche

One area that every niche has a demand for is information about events related to their industry. Conferences and webinars are always of interest to people trying to learn more about their industry, and many of the events offer affiliate programs. But even if there are no affiliate programs for the events, having a page dedicated to them will bring people back to your site where they may subscribe to your content, since they rely on you to provide updated information in this area.

This addition of needed information builds your authority for providing valuable content, so when you write about other topics you will be seen as someone providing value. Your recommendations and reviews of products and services, that bring you affiliate income, will be more likely to convert.

Beyond adding just the date and name of an event, look for comments about previously held ones and include information about keynotes, topics, and speakers. Adding such information may get some of the people mentioned to share your content with their readers, giving you the opportunity to build your readership and connect with potential clients.

Write detailed and honest product reviews

People know that product reviews have a tendency to be highly subjective, and if you are also making an affiliate income from them, people can be skeptical about your opinions. To overcome this, you need to provide honest and detailed reviews.

Giving a lot of details about a product or service allows you to include some areas where you see shortcomings while also giving details about their usefulness. This balanced approach will be seen as more honest, and people will be more likely to trust the reviews and potentially buy through your site.

I recommend searching some of the bigger review sites to get some insights into how to write a solid review. This also allows you to find more details about the products and services and you can also include the ranking numbers in your writing.

You should include images in these reviews where possible, as well as pricing and available coupons. The more you give your readers the more likely they are to purchase. Remember, review information is usually one of the last steps in the purchase process.

Write to the bigger audience

Most content will have detractors and supporters, so the trick is to find the topics that will have the right amount of both. If you look at social media, there are many instances of arguments around particular posts. Topics that bring out a debate will create engagement, which can help with search rankings and also build followers.

Every industry has some areas of contention, and writing a solid argument for one side is a great way to get engagement from both sides. Comments on digital content have become the soap boxes of the internet age. Doing follow-ups and even writing on the limited good points of the opposition can show you are not totally biased.

Ultimately, one side tends to be bigger than the other and you need to know if that bigger audience is also a buying audience. There will be times where the smaller one is your bigger buying audience.

Research your prospects and products

Research is an essential part of any marketing effort. Beyond the research of products, as mentioned above, you should also research your prospects. Using your traffic analytics to become better informed about who has bought from you is an area too many affiliates forget about.

Get to know who is using your content to make purchases and what products and services are you getting most of your sales from and why. This is all about the use of your website analytics.

Inside Google Analytics you can find your top conversion paths in the Conversions area under Funnels, so review these paths and see how the buyers come to your site and how they engage with it before buying. This view shows every unique conversion path as well as the number of conversions from each path.

Under Attribution, you can use the information in the Model Comparison tool to see which groups bring you the bulk of your income. But don’t just look at the surface information - click each group and explore the deeper information.

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