What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Get Back to Basics

There are plenty of Content Management Systems (CMS) out there, but WordPress continues to dominate the field. Conservative estimates suggest that at least 30% of all global websites are powered by WordPress.

So, why do people prefer WordPress? Because it’s more than just a CMS; it’s now evolved into the ultimate platform where you can publish practically anything you like. From a simple blog to a complex media site, an e-commerce shop to an extensive portfolio, the possibilities are endless with WordPress.

While you’re likely already familiar with WordPress, you might not be familiar with WordPress Hosting or Managed WordPress Hosting. So, what is WordPress Hosting? And what is Managed WordPress Hosting? For all intents and purposes, they’re considered the same. Both simply mean that all technical aspects of running WordPress are taken care of (ahem, managed) by the hosting provider.

Think of managed WordPress hosting like a 5-star hotel’s concierge service. Instead of enjoying tiny chocolates on your pillow or last-minute dinner reservations at the swankiest spot in town, you’ll enjoy a deluxe WordPress experience. Thanks to premium support from the experts, high security and speed, updates and backups and not to mention, 99.9% uptime, you’re sitting pretty for a super smooth stay.

This dependability and peace of mind of WordPress Hosting services allows you to put the focus on running your business, whatever that may be, without having to worry about managing your website.

A chart shows the Top 5 Content Management Systems. WordPress has the biggest share.

Many Benefits, Few Limitations

Quick to learn, WordPress is fast becoming the most powerful web standard. Equipping you with valuable knowledge that you can apply to nearly every type of website, here’s what you can expect from managed WordPress Hosting:

  • Super speed – managed WordPress hosting servers are WordPress-configured and only run on WordPress websites. 
  • Total security – featuring the tightest security that scans for malware and hackers, you’ve got added peace of mind. 
  • Expert support – unlike other web hosts, managed WordPress hosting has an on-site staff of experts who advise you on anything and everything related to your WordPress account.
  • Cloud technology – the best WordPress hosting providers rely on leading cloud technology to offer unparalleled availability and flexibility, which can handle all sorts of traffic spikes.
  • Daily backups – keep the 24/7 content you create, safe and sound. 
  • Automatic updates – did you forget to update? It’s already been done. 
  • No more downtime – regardless of how much traffic your website gets, it won’t slow down.
  • Improved user experience – user-friendly dashboards, interfaces, and control panels are especially ideal for those with multiple websites.
  • No backend headaches – with managed WordPress hosting, forget about any backend clutter and/or coding because that service is handled for you.

Which Managed WordPress Hosting Plan Is Right for Me?

Managed WordPress hosting is ideal for small business owners, startups, and solopreneurs. Because when you choose a managed WordPress hosting provider, you’re suddenly able to offload tasks that a small team was most likely handling in-house. This redistribution allows you and your team to focus instead on more important things, i.e. growing your business and creating the best content.

A managed WordPress host will also offer higher security and performance levels since they optimize your WordPress website from a server level. This means you and/or your pro IT team won’t need to stress if, let’s say, there’s a sudden traffic spike due to a recent product promotion. With managed WordPress hosting, all that backend optimization is gloriously handled for you.

If you’re currently looking for the affordable managed WordPress hosting option, look no further than Namecheap’s very own cloud hosting platform, EasyWP. Delivering outstanding value to its users, EasyWP offers a super-quick installation time (30 seconds, to be exact), reliability, performance, the aforementioned cloud technology, and more. While these attractive features are often associated with expensive managed WordPress hosting,

Starter Managed WordPress from EasyWP begins at just $3.88 per month, with the first month only $1.00.

And, it gets better. If you already host your WordPress website on EasyWP or have a registered Namecheap domain name, you can now add the Supersonic CDN tool to your account, free of charge. What’s CDN, you might ask? Short for content delivery network, CDN is EasyWP’s cutting-edge tool that your WordPress website deserves, giving your users 68% faster access to your website content. Not only does it apply to your web pages but also HD videos, audio material, and more.

True Managed WordPress hosting makes the hosting side of things almost entirely invisible. Your WordPress website scales as the number of visitors grows. Thanks to the underlying cloud technology platform, it won’t go down, either. Forget worrying about PHP versions or spending a lot of time on extensive technical training. Time is money and managed WordPress inherently understands this by eliminating the middleman (aka the regular backend of hosting).

Ultimately, whatever option you decide to go with, you definitely won’t be disappointed with managed WordPress hosting.

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