Unified Communications

For MS Exchange/Office environments

Replace your existing SSL for FREE Comodo SSL* →

3 Domains Included

$80.88 /yr

Comodo Unified Communications

Unified Communications


Duration 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years
SSL Certificate
Price / Year
$89.88 $80.88
Additional Domain First 3 domains included!
Price / Year $22.88 $20.88

All Features

Brand Comodo
Domains Included 3 (domains and/or subdomains)
Add'l Domains up to 97 (domains and/or subdomains)
Great for E-commerce
Validation Level Organization (OV)
Greenbar Paperwork is necessary with this level of security. The extra layers of validation produce the green address bar on your site, an immediate source of assurance for customers – as soon as they see the green bar, they know your site is secured.
Secures blog.mysite.com, secure.mysite.co.uk, payment.mysite.net, www.blog.mysite.org
Local Domains
Mobile Support
Assurance High
Refund 15 days
Warranty $250,000.00
Browser Support 99.9%
Reissues Free, unlimited
Key Length from 2048
Encryption up to 256-bit


Due to the high level of validation provided by Organization Validation (OV), certain paperwork is required before these certificates can be issued. Required paperwork →

Business registration

Your business registration needs to be authenticated. Comodo will check to see that your company is legally registered by verifying your business profile.

Company Representative

This person must currently hold an executive position within the company (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.)

Whois Contact Info

To make the certificate issuance process faster, be sure you have the correct contact information on Whois for your domain.


To verify Whois domain data, WhoisGuard must be turned off. This information will not be available otherwise.

What comes with Unified Communications?

Protection your customers can rely on

Organization Validation

To give your site visitors increased assurance, Comodo checks business registration as well as domain ownership before issuing a certificate.

Multi-Domain Support

Comodo multi-domain certificates secure three domains by default (one primary common name + two subject alternative names [SANs]). With additional SANs, you can secure up to 100 unique domains.

Unlimited Server Licenses

With Comodo Unified Communications SSL, you get unlimited server licenses, meaning you have the option to install the certificate on as many physical servers as you wish.

Static Site Seal

Site Seals are free SSL logos provided with your certificate. Display the static seal anywhere on your site as an on-going visual reminder to customers that your site has Comodo SSL.

Timely Processing

Though there is paperwork involved with this level of verification, Comodo will issue your certificate in not more than two business days.

15-Day Refund Policy

Your satisfaction is important to us. That's why there's a 15-Day Refund Policy in place for the Unified Communications SSL certificate.

Secure It All in One Go

You can encrypt all your domains and subdomains with one unified communications cert. For example, if you have multiple websites like Example.com and ExampleShop.com, plus multiple subdomains like Example.blog, it’s ideal. Why go to all the trouble of organizing, paying for, and renewing multiple SSLs when unified communications certificates do it in one go? It’s your one-stop security shop. The SSLs of up to 100 websites can be managed in one place, through one dashboard.

Customer Care Consistency

It doesn’t matter where within your online portfolio your customers land. From your biggest website to your most niche subdomain, you will be able to offer consistent levels of security with a Comodo UCC SSL. Every single visitor will know that you take your security and online business seriously. But, more importantly, you’re also showing that you make protecting their data security a number one digital priority.

Save time and money, and help take your digital business to even greater heights with a unified communication SSL certificate from Comodo. You can add new domains and subdomains quickly and easily. They’re also trusted by 99.9% of major web browsers and mobile devices, so your business and future are fully secure.


A CSR generated on your web server for your domain name.


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