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Ideas for creating a justice logo

If your company is focused on justice, you need a logo that accurately represents this key brand value. One of the best ways to create a strong design that conveys the concept of justice is by using recognizable symbols.

Law firms frequently use this type of logo to demonstrate how important this value is to their company. A logo designed with an iconic justice symbol, such as a gavel, the scales of justice, or Lady Justice, will immediately communicate this idea to potential clients.

Individual lawyers may choose to use these types of justice logo symbols in their designs. Similar templates can also be used for other law-related organizations, such as bar associations, lawyer networking groups, non-profits organizations, and educational institutions.

Besides familiar symbols of justice, other graphic design elements can be incorporated to emphasize certain qualities about your company. For example, squares and rectangles are shapes associated with strength and stability, while vertical lines represent ambition and progress.

In terms of color, consider how you want to position your brand. Blue is often used to symbolize trust, integrity, and intelligence, while black is thought to signal power, authority, and formality.

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Frequently asked questions

Simply click Create free logo to instantly get started with your custom logo design. Logo Maker will guide you through each step of the design process and provide helpful suggestions along the way. After selecting the colors, fonts, and icons that best fit your brand, you’ll get a selection of custom logos that you can edit, save, and download. The entire process only takes a few minutes from start to finish.
When you create a free Namecheap account, you’ll be able to save as many justice logo designs as you want. You can access all of your saved logos by logging into your account and going to the Logo Maker page. Just click View my existing logos at the top of that page to see all of your saved designs and edit or download them as needed.
Many justice logos feature a traditional serif font. This kind of typeface has a traditional, formal, and serious style that works well for law firms and other justice organizations. Those that want to present a more modern look may prefer a sans serif font instead.

Avoid playful or youthful fonts when designing a justice logo. These typefaces will appear too flippant or immature to represent a serious concept like justice.
There is a significant amount of overlap between justice logos and legal logos. Many of the same symbols are used, and a law firm might think of their logo design as both a legal logo and a justice logo at the same time.

However, there are some organizations that focus specifically on justice rather than on the practice of law, like the many groups that fight for social justice or civil rights. These organizations may want to avoid the use of symbols associated with legal logos to limit confusion regarding their mission and activities.

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