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How to design an esports logo

Whether you are designing a logo for a streaming channel, an esports team, or a gaming brand, your logo needs to stand out in order to make an impact. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can make a DIY esports logo look like a professional design.

First, focus on what color palette you want to use for your esports logo template. When someone is browsing through gaming channels, bright, bold colors are the ones that will stand out the most.

Each color you use can add meaning to your design. The color red can give a professional esports team logo a powerful, dynamic, and energetic look. Purple can be used to represent creativity and imagination, while orange is associated with confidence and bravery.

Accent colors can also help to differentiate your brand. Silver appears high-tech and sleek, while black adds an element of seriousness and sophistication.

Once you’ve settled on a color pattern, consider which symbols will represent your brand. For example, you can use a classic video game controller icon for a gaming logo design.

Another option is to incorporate elements from the types of games you play, whether that’s swords and dragons or spaceships and lasers.

How to create an esports logo

It’s easy, free, and takes less than 5 minutes.

  1. 1. Choose your design

    Select a variety of fonts, icons, and colors that you feel will best represent your brand.

  2. 2. Put our AI to work

    Sit back, relax, and let our tech come up with unique logo designs according to your selections.

  3. 3. Download your free logo

    Browse the different logos created just for you, and download them directly to your computer.

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Frequently asked questions

Click Create free logo to get started with Logo Maker. This tool will guide you through a series of prompts to help narrow down the best graphic design elements for your esports logo template. The process takes only a few minutes, and you’ll be presented with a wide range of logo ideas from which to choose at the end.
If you want to save any logo designs to revisit later, simply create a free Namecheap account. Once you’re logged in, you can save an unlimited number of designs. Logos you’ve saved can also be edited or downloaded as many times as you like.

To see your saved logos, simply go to the main Logo Maker page and click on View my existing logos at the top. All your saved designs will be neatly arranged and ready for you to review.
As competitive online gaming has become increasingly popular, players are using logos to stand out from the competition. Esports logos are especially popular for multi-player games and tournaments since members can display the design to show which team they’re playing for.

For those who want to become professional gamers, a logo helps to develop your brand identity and market your business online.
Your gaming channel logo should include a font that accurately represents your brand. Choose a typeface which reflects the kinds of videos you create, whether they are serious and competitive or fun and lighthearted. A bold, all-caps font will look aggressive and confident, for example, while a font consisting of rounded bubble letters looks youthful, inviting, and cheerful.

With Logo Maker, you’ll get tips on which design elements are best suited to your brand. In addition, you’ll be able to download your logo design as many times as needed to distribute it to everyone in your gaming clan.

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