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Features of a good dental logo

Creating a distinctive logo design is one of the best ways for your dental practice to stand out from the competition. When you create your own dental logo, it’s important to include features that communicate key details about your brand personality and connect with your target audience.

If your focus is family dentistry, for example, incorporate brighter colors and fun shapes that will appeal to all ages. For example, yellow can give your logo a happy, positive, and cheerful look, and you can use curved lines or circles to imply comfort, openness, and warmth.

Even for adults, dental care can be intimidating, which is why it’s smart to use your logo to put patients’ minds at ease. Imagery that is too literal, such as an icon of a tooth or a dental instrument, can be uncomfortable for those who are nervous about dental cleanings and surgeries.

When having a dental logo designed, you can utilize abstract graphic design elements to produce a calming effect on anxious patients. Use a typeface with soft edges rather than bold, block letters. Blue often evokes feelings of trust and serenity, while horizontal lines can imply tranquility and composure.

How to create a dental logo

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