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Tips for creating a community logo design

How can you share your goal of bringing people together? Though there are many forms of outreach and promotion that can help accomplish this, a simple logo can put your mission in an easy-to-understand visual format.

An effective community logo features design elements that help to underscore the key values of the group or organization. Icons and shapes are some of the most expressive features when trying to convey the idea of community.

For example, a community logo designed with a circle sends a message of unity, togetherness, and coming together. Circles are associated with soft, gentle emotional messages, and can create a feeling of welcoming and warmth.

More literal symbols can be used as well, such as hands clasped or puzzle pieces fitting together to showcase elements of teamwork and support. A heart can be used to signify an empathetic mission to help others.

If your organization or brand is connected to a particular location, you may also want to include that in your logo idea. Show your city on a map, the outline of your state, or a globe to represent the intended reach of your mission.

How to create your community logo

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Check out these logo ideas to help spark your imagination.

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Frequently asked questions

Click on Create free logo on the Logo Maker page to get started. You’ll be led through a series of steps to select the best design elements for your logo template. Logo Maker provides helpful tips along the way to assist in choosing colors, fonts, and symbols. This process only takes a few minutes to complete, and you’ll get a variety of custom logos with your preferred design elements once you’re finished.
To save logos that you create with Logo Maker, you’ll need a Namecheap account. This account is free to create and allows you to save as many logo designs as you want. To go back and view your saved logos later on, simply log in to your Namecheap account and navigate to the Logo Maker page. At the top, select View my existing logos to browse through all of your saved logo designs.
Community logos can be used for a wide variety of groups and organizations. This type of logo can effectively represent the mission of a non-profit organization. It can be used for social clubs, local block clubs, environmental clubs, and any other group that creates a community of people around a common purpose. Churches often focus on community in their logo designs as well.
The colors you select for your community logo should reflect your group’s values. If your goal is to bring together people from diverse backgrounds, consider using rainbow colors in your logo. If you have a strong, passionate mission requiring bold action, red is a fitting choice. Groups focused on environmental concerns might select green for their logo. Your logo colors should directly connect to the way you want your organization to be perceived.

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