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How to create an effective book logo

When your business is all about books, it makes sense to include one in your branding. That’s why a logo designed with one or more books as the focal point makes sense for stores, libraries, literary agents, authors, publishing companies and more.

But how can you make a creative logo that doesn’t look like every other book-related design? And what’s the best way to communicate what types of books you have to offer?

First, use distinctive elements to make sure your book logo stands out, such as expressive colors. Think about what each color signifies, whether it’s a peaceful blue, an energizing red, or a happy and inviting yellow.

Fonts can also help to distinguish your book brand. For example, a horror author might use a gothic or spooky typeface. A company that publishes children’s literature might use a font that looks like a kid’s handwriting or charming bubble letters.

If you’re looking to create a logo featuring books, consider different icons and how they reflect your brand. Show stacks of books or a single open book with pages facing up, down, away from or toward the viewer. A figure holding the book adds a personal element to your logo.

How to create your book logo

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Frequently asked questions

Click on Create free logo to start creating your book logo. Logo Maker leads you through a short, step-by-step process to select fitting graphic design elements for your logo template. In just a few minutes, you’ll have several options that you can tweak to create your perfect book logo.
Namecheap allows anyone with an account to save an unlimited number of free book logo designs online. Once you’ve made your free account, you can save any logo you create. To view them later on, log in to your account and go to the Logo Maker page. Click View my existing logos at the top of that page and you’ll see all your saved designs in one place.
Because books are associated with multiple industries, you may want to use additional text to clarify what type of business or organization you represent. For example, if you have a bookstore called First Edition, you can add the word “bookstore” to the logo to make sure potential customers understand what you have to offer.
Education logos often feature a book icon in their design. That’s because books are commonly used as symbols of knowledge and learning. Book logos, on the other hand, are designed for businesses that involve the dissemination of books through sales or lending, like at a library.

One way to make sure your book logo isn’t mistaken for an education logo is to include elements that reinforce the personal reading experience, like a bookmark or a figure reading a book. Education logos, on the other hand, typically incorporate elements like pencils or graduation caps along with books.

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