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How can you stay on top of all the places that list your business details? What if you suddenly need to close for the day, or change your opening hours? And how do you protect against competitors who list your brand to take your customers, or a business directory that makes errors?

Local Listing Manager is a fast and easy way to give people confidence in your business, by always keeping them up to date. Accurate info also achieves higher search rankings from Google.

  • Identify listing gaps
  • Get notified about errors
  • Fix listings in one click
  • Sync with key platforms
  • Make unlimited updates
  • All in one place
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Easy Local Listing Manager

Four out of five people do an Internet search before they visit local businesses — make sure you don’t lose sales or brand trust, with managed listings that guarantee accuracy.

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It’s impossible to manually handle all your small business listings across search engines, social networks, and business directory platforms. Get full control from a single Dashboard. An instant view of gaps, errors, and duplications of your online listings.

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Your business info like opening hours, closed days, and contact number can change, or be listed wrongly. Fix your information with a single click, or do fast, tailored edits. Make unlimited updates, so consumers always have your most current details.

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Competitors, business directories, and other third parties can manipulate your business listings without permission. They’re not even required to notify you. Automatic corrections restore accurate listing details, so it’s done-for-you without lifting a finger.

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  • Over 50 listing platforms
  • Listing gap notifications
  • Sync with Google, FB & Twitter
  • Auto update all platforms
  • Auto correct third party changes
  • Dashboard analysis insights

Local listings for small businesses

As many as 73% of people say they lose trust in a brand if it has missing or inaccurate listings.

And 88% that do a local search on their phone will visit or call a business within a day.

Never miss out on customers.

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‘Near Me’ marketing matters. Inaccurate local listings result in annoyed shoppers, lost sales, and lower search rankings. Build brand trust, by consistently listing convenient directions, current opening hours, contact info, and other useful details.

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Get unlimited updates and corrections to keep your local business listings up to date. All from a simplified Dashboard, so if opening hours suddenly change it’s not a problem. Make multiple platform edits with one click, saving time to focus on your business.

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Bad-actor-competitors can easily use your brand name to steal customers. And every business directory makes mistakes because they handle thousands of listings. Protect against this problem with automatic corrections for guaranteed accuracy.

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Synchronize with the most popular search and social platforms — Google, Facebook and Twitter — so you don’t have to leave your Dashboard. Keep your listings precise, current, and useful, in the places where people gather and search the most.

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Get email notifications when a listing goes live, is incorrect, gets updated, and is duplicated. Your Dashboard also keeps you up to speed at-a-glance. You’ll never again have to guess whether customers have fully accurate information.

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Today’s customers rely on Google My Business and Google Maps to find stores. Up-to-date, comprehensive information tells Google you’re providing a good customer experience. That will give you higher local listing scores in search rankings.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Local Listing Manager cover the Top 10 most popular directories?

Yes, and many more. We constantly monitor search popularity to ensure you’re always covered.

Currently, the Top 10 business directories are:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Bing
  5. Instagram
  6. Twitter
  7. Linkedin
  8. Zillow
  9. Yelp
  10. TripAdvisor

Do you cover all local listings?

Some business listing service companies claim to cover over 150 directory sources, but many of these are duplicate information. Our listing tool removes duplicates, to prevent customers getting confused by searches with multiple results.

What more can I do to easily manage my brand’s online presence?

We also offer Review Manager and Social Media Manager. They let you control what people are saying about your business and engage with customers from a fast, simplified Dashboard. That means three centralized places to manage your entire online presence, compared to trying to manually handling dozens or hundreds of platforms.

What is the difference between Review Manager listings and this product?

Review Manager scans for incorrect listings at the same time it’s scanning reviews, but only Local Listing Manager can fix errors, gaps, and duplicates from your central Dashboard. This saves a lot of time going to each platform to make changes. Being able to make an edit across dozens of local listings with one click is also important if you need to adjust important details fast, like a sudden change in your opening hours.

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