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With Social Media Manager you can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business and LinkedIn. All from one dashboard.

  • Grow your business
  • All in one place
  • Build customer relationships
  • Plan your calendar

Easy scheduling in action:

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Bring it together

All your social media platforms integrated under one roof, saving time and simplifying marketing. Giving you more time to focus on your business growth ideas.

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Connect with ease

Great content, in the right format, sent to multiple social channels, at the touch of a button. Also schedule batches of content, published exactly when you choose.

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Make an impact

Control your business with data that lets you understand your customers. Build brand loyalty by showing people you care and having meaningful conversations.

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While we prepare to launch our new Social Media Manager, we’re taking Early Access registrations. Get a one month free trial on all plans.


$4.88 /mo

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Renews every month.

  • 20 Scheduled posts at on time
  • Calendar View
  • Drafted Posts
  • Post PerformanceAnalytics
  • Social Audience Analytics
  • Link Tracking
  • Facebook, Google My Business


$9.88 /mo

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Renews every month.

  • Unlimited Schedule Posts
  • Calendar View
  • Drafted Posts
  • Post Performance Analytics
  • Social Audience Analytics
  • Link tracking
  • Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin

Why use Social Media Manager?

Engage more people with less effort — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business, covered in one place.

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All in one place

It’s a huge time saver to be able to plan, post and schedule content fast, instead of working across multiple social platforms with different advertising formats. Have your business easily reach customers from a simplified Dashboard.

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Build relationships

Engage new and existing customers like never before with a Dashboard that organizes their comments and your replies, shows you top performing posts, and filters out spam. Turn down the noise, and turn up the focus on meaningful conversations.

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Schedule your calendar

The simple social media content calendar lets you plan and publish great new ideas that engage audiences at the perfect time. Labelling, permissions, content queues, and brand library are just some of the features that let you constantly level up without skipping a beat.

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Grow your business

Likes don’t mean profit. And brand loyalty is hard to come by. Our tool lets you identify people’s searches related to your products or services. This lets you target likely customers, listen to their needs, and start a conversation. Good timing is everything.

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Get fast insight

Your Dashboard gives you at-a-glance performance data, plus the ability to create customized reporting. This means your business will always be up to speed with what existing and potential customers want. Content strategy made easy.

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Build Brand Loyalty

Great customer service makes all the difference in the competitive digital space. Never let a customer query or complaint slip through the net, with all comments, direct messages, and brand mentions clearly labelled in your Dashboard. Turn contact into brand trust.

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