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Travel enlightens the mind and lifts the spirit. No wonder it’s such a popular pastime around the globe. Even in the age of virtual communication and e-commerce, nothing enhances both business and personal relationships like face-to-face encounters.

Since its release in 2005, tens of thousands of companies and individuals have adopted this recognizable domain for their travel website names and blogs, as well as the travel-focused aspect of their brand.

Register the .travel TLD with Namecheap and you’ll get dynamic DNS support, URL and email forwarding, and other features, all at no extra charge. We also offer amazing deals on SSL certificates and our WhoisGuard privacy protection is FREE for life. Our friendly and helpful customer service team is available 24/7 to answer your questions.

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Namecheap’s expansive network of DNS servers throughout Europe and the US delivers unparalleled reliability, complete with our zero-downtime guarantee. Our dynamic DNS handles dynamically changing IP addresses to keep your site running smoothly. Other DNS features include URL and email forwarding, as well as real-time record modification.

WhoisGuard Privacy Protection

For increased privacy, WhoisGuard masks your personal domain data from the publicly accessible Whois database, listing instead the contact information of your site registrar. It also reduces spam and protects you against identity theft. Best of all, it’s included free for life with every eligible Namecheap domain you register.

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Most frequently asked questions:

  1. Why choose .travel?

    The business and personal travel industries are a huge part of the global economy, and ones that have readily embraced the Internet. In this growing field, the need for a differentiated online presence has never been more important. By 2020, digital travel-related spending is expected to surpass $200 billion, globally. From establishing websites to creating blogs to promoting travel passions (and business services) online, the demand from individuals and businesses in the world of travel shows no sign of stopping.

    Many national and regional tourism boards now use the .travel TLD to promote their country or region, including: Egypt, China, UK, Costa Rica, Arizona, Vietnam, and San Francisco. This domain is also an effective way for travel businesses to relate their value proposition to travel bloggers and adventure lovers.

  2. Are there restrictions to registering .travel?

    Registering .travel just got easier. As of May, 2018, registrants who are representatives of travel community are able to self-authenticate directly within the purchase process without having to first obtain an identifier from the registry. You’ll just need to check the authentication box during checkout.

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  • ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) charges a mandatory annual fee of $0.18 for each domain registration, renewal or transfer. This will be added to the list price for some domains at the time of purchase. See full list of affected domains →

  • You'll receive a WhoisGuard subscription absolutely FREE with every eligible domain registration or transfer. WhoisGuard subscription expiration is based on purchase date rather than activation date. WhoisGuard provides subscription pursuant to its Services Agreement with Namecheap. Terms and conditions apply. Visit the WhoisGuard page for details.

  • Due to the registry restrictions, WhoisGuard cannot be used with certain TLDs. Check WhoisGuard page for the full list.

  • You receive an exclusive PositiveSSL Certificate offer (valid for the first year only) with every new product purchase except domain renewals, or purchase or renewals of any other SSL certificates. Further restrictions may apply.

  • DNS features mentioned are applicable only if your domain uses Namecheap DNS service.

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