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Some country code domains require you to provide additional pieces of information for registration.
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Free .uk domains available until March 31, 2019

If you own a,, or domain you could be eligible to register your equivalent .uk free for a year. For example, if you already own you could be entitled to the shorter, sharper Check if you qualify.

Why some .uk domains are free

It’s because the UK registry is now offering anyone who registered an eligible .*.uk domain before Oct 28, 2013 exclusive rights to the corresponding .uk. You also get it free for the first year when you buy it from us. Even if you didn’t originally register with Namecheap, although extra verification may be required at the registry level.

More than one clock is ticking

Your .uk domain will only be reserved until June 31, 2019. Then it’s open to the public. Our ‘one year free’ offer will run out a few months before that in March. So if you want to claim a premium .uk domain free for a year, it’s time to move fast.

Take (extra) care when registering

Please make sure you enter your existing domain ‘WhoIs’ details correctly. They are case and space sensitive. Your registration won’t process if the information is even slightly different.

Secure your .uk domain name today

We provide email forwarding, page parking, advanced security, reliable DNS servers and other valuable FREE extras with every domain you register through Namecheap.


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