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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why the sudden rush for .UK domains?

    The .uk domain rules have changed – Right of Registration (RoR) is over after a 5-year wait. The official registry Nominet is no longer reserving .uk for people with,, or domains. The end of the RoR .uk domain requirements means a wealth of prime online real estate is now up for grabs. This is a great opportunity to boost your online brand or domain portfolio.

  2. Any restrictions or watchouts?

    Unlike intended for businesses, or for individual use, the sharper .uk domain suits anyone. The only things .uk domain registrants need to keep in mind are the usual rules, like no special characters (e.g. #) and not going over the 63 character limit.

    Please be sure to type in your WhoIs database details correctly. They are case and space sensitive. It’s also best to steer clear of entering your address as a P.O. Box. This may be flagged as incomplete information by Nominet.

  3. Can I transfer my .UK to Namecheap?

    Of course you can, but there are some differences to the standard gTLD/ccTLD transfer requirements, which you will obviously need to meet. Learn more about the requirements for transferring your .uk domain or simply get started now.

  4. Are renewals easy?

    You can easily switch auto-renewal on or off. If you want this option, either add money to your Namecheap Account or give us a card number to use. The only funding we don’t use is PayPal. Credit cards are welcome. Learn more about renewals.

  5. How do I activate my SSL offer?

    There are no coupons to enter. Simply purchase your .uk domain, and at the checkout you will have the option to add a PositiveSSL Certificate to your cart at an exclusive price – valid for the first year of your registration.


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