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Price / YearICANN
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KingCOM $10.98

$10.88 $10.78 $10.68 $10.58

What does com mean for you?

The "com" in .com stands for "commercial", making it the ideal choice for businesses. However, any individual or organization can register a .com name for their company, blog, or personal site.

Is a .com domain name right for you?

If you already have a .biz or .net site, consider supplementing it with .com to protect your brand and generate more site traffic. If you are considering which TLDs might be suitable for your website, you can be certain that a .com domain guarantees credibility for your online presence. After all, with a .com domain name extension being purchased every second, there is no doubt of its value.

Every Fortune 500 company and most leading startups have a .com domain name. Why not join them?

Already have a .com for your business? Register variants of your site name so your customers can always find you. It's super easy to set up a redirect.


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