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Introducing .COM, .ORG, .NET, .BIZ, & .CO Domains

Picking between a huge range domains can seem overwhelming at first. Your head may feel like it’s a constant battleground of .COM vs .ORG vs .NET vs .BIZ vs .CO, and you’re desperately wondering which of these popular options will be the best fit for your purpose.

Good news, that’s where we can help! This blog post is packed full of useful information to help you get started. We’ll also compare the mighty .COM against fellow top-level domain options to discover the pros and cons of each one. Ready? Let’s begin!

Introducing .COM

Realistically, .COM domains need no introduction, in fact, sometimes .COM is called the ‘king of domains’. Many of the most popular websites in the world use .COM, including google.com, youtube.com, and twitter.com. Even if you’ve only visited a handful of websites in your lifetime, you will have come across a .COM.

What is the meaning of .COM? How should .COM be used?

As one of the original line-ups of six generic TLDs created in 1985, .COM was originally intended to be used by commercial organizations, while .edu was for educational purposes, and so on.

Despite .COM’s original intention, it’s now open to anyone and .COM should be used (and can be used) for anything! Find out more about this mighty top-level domain in our article, what does .COM stand for?.

What are the pros and cons of using a .COM?

For starters, as a popular and recognized domain, it’s trustworthy. Known across the globe, it’s the perfect choice for ranking well on search engine results pages, whatever country you’re in.

However, as many .COM domain names have already been taken, if you’re considering buying one from a seller at a marketplace, it will most likely be more expensive. come with a higher price tag.

There’s also the small risk of a .COM price increase, which could mean that within 10 years, domain names may cost approximately 70% more than the current wholesale price of $7.85.

What alternatives are there to the .COM domain extension?

There are many worthy .COM alternatives that you might not have considered, like country code and geographic top-level domains. You can choose from hundreds of other TLDs that are suitable for your business or passion project, you just need to scout them out!

Now, let’s dive into learning more about some of the most popular generic top-level domains, .ORG, .NET, .CO, and .BIZ.

Gorilla choosing .com domain

Introducing .ORG

If you’re looking for an alternative top-level domain, have you ever considered a .ORG domain? When thinking about .ORG vs .COM, you may be aware that it was originally reserved for non-profits, however, this is no longer the case.

What is the meaning of .ORG? How should .ORG be used?

The, .ORG extension stems from the word organization. Back in 1985, the domain was part of the original TLDs and it was initially intended for non-profit and non-commercial organizations. In 2019 it all changed, the restriction lifted, meaning anyone can register a .ORG.

The .ORG domain should be used like any other domain. You can use it for charity, cultural, art, or social websites, or a non-profit community. In reality, there is little difference between .COM and .ORG, whether you want to use it for a non-profit or startup, the choice is yours.

What are the pros and cons of using a .ORG?

If you’re an organization looking for a domain, especially if you work in the charity sector, a .ORG is a sensible choice. The World Wildlife Fund, UNICEF, and Greenpeace all use a .ORG for their websites, and the domain’s established association with charitable and humanitarian work will give immediate weight to your cause.

On the other hand, if you’re a profit-driven business, using a .ORG might seem misleading. Another issue that may arise is a potential price increase at the hands of the .ORG registry. If they choose to increase their prices, then registrars will need to do so as well. Here at Namecheap, we always try to fight price increases that we believe are unjustified.

Dog considering a .net domain

Introducing .NET

If .ORG wasn’t the right fit for you, why not choose a .NET domain? You’re probably wondering why .NET is called what it is. Originally it was intended for companies that worked in networking, but now it can be registered by anyone. Thinking about .NET vs .COM? Both domains are used for business and pleasure, so it’s up to you to decide whether it’s the right choice for your purpose.

What is the meaning of .NET? How should .NET be used?

The meaning of .NET (at least, the original meaning) was network. See, it’s all rather logical, isn’t it? You may be scratching your head by this point, thinking, but tell what domain would be champion in a .COM vs .NET vs .ORG showdown?

We already know that .ORG should be used for non-profits, but you may be contemplating the difference between .COM and .NET. While .COM was intended for commercial organizations, .NET was designed with networking organizations in mind, such as Internet service providers and email service providers.

These days, like the majority of TLDs, .NET domains can be used for any purpose, whether you run a social media network or provide an online service.

What are the pros and cons of using a .NET?

Again, just like .COM and .ORG, .NET is one of the original line-ups of domains created in 1985, and because of this, it carries more trust than a newer, generic TLD might. Popular websites like behance.NET use the domain for building networks for creatives and companies looking for creative people.

On the other hand, it may not be a good choice for an online store or portfolio. What TLDs are your competitors using? Is there a brand new TLD that might suit your organization more? When it comes to choosing a domain that suits your business, it’s vital to do some research to see what’s out there before making that commitment.

hedgehog choosing a .co domain

Introducing .CO

The .CO domain was initially reserved for Colombia, but from 2010 became open to register by anyone. Despite not being one of the original TLDs created in 1985, it would be a worthy opponent if a .CO vs .COM fight were to take place.

What is the meaning of .CO? How should .CO be used?

You may have guessed that the true meaning of .CO is Colombia, but now that anyone can register, it can mean anything. Whether you run a busy online community, a successful company, or a corgi fan site, it’s a domain for the masses. You don’t have to feel pressured into thinking a .CO should be used for a particular type of site like you might with other TLDs.

What are the pros and cons of using a .CO?

If you’re deciding between domains, you may be wondering about the difference between a .COM and a .CO. Although .CO isn’t as popular as a .COM, it does mean that you have more chance of getting the domain of your dreams, and for a better price.

However the .CO inarguably isn’t as well-known, and therefore may not be trusted by the non-savvy web user. Another reason that it may not suit your purpose is that people might unwittingly add the ‘m’ on the end, thinking that it’s supposed to be there, and end up on the wrong website.

chicken with a .biz domain

Introducing .BIZ

You may have already come across .BIZ domains in your hunt for the best domain name. If you’re trying to work out the winner of a .BIZ vs .COM fight, it might be interesting to learn that .BIZ was created in 2001 aimed at companies that didn’t manage to land that dream .COM domain name.

What is the meaning of .BIZ? How should .BIZ be used?

The meaning of .BIZ is, of course, business. Customers will (hopefully) instantly realize that they’ve arrived at a legitimate business website, and .BIZ should be used for boasting about your superstar service or premium product.

But what about the difference between .COM and .BIZ? It’s clear that, .COM domains are undoubtedly more popular when it comes to all types of websites, including businesses, but availability may be a problem, as well as cost. In this case, it may be sensible to use a .BIZ, unless you’re in the luxurious position for having no budget constraints.

What are the pros and cons of using a .BIZ?

Once again, when buying anything other than a .COM you have more chance of registering the domain you want. It’s also likely to be far cheaper, which can help you if you’re launching a new venture.

However, some may perceive a .BIZ as a cheap or more unprofessional than a long-established TLD like .NET or .ORG.

a satellite dish focusing in on a .org domain

The reigning king .COM is by far the most popular domain. Then, of the domains above, according to Statista, .ORG next, followed by .NET. These results are based on the top 10 million websites worldwide from October 2020.

Which of these TLDs Will Be Best for Search Engine Optimization?

Although the websites with the most traffic are .COM websites, any domain can be successful when it comes to ranking on search engine results pages. With Google’s International Targeting report, you can target your website for different regions. For example, if you own a coffee shop in the US, setting your website location to the US will help your visibility.

Which of these TLDs Is the Most Credible?

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the .COM is the most trusted TLD. However, with a clever brand and marketing strategy, there’s no reason to stop your domain name and organization from becoming a trusted household name.

Where Can I Get These Domains?

Register your domains with Namecheap of course! We make domain registration easy, plus we have lots of tools and services to help support your website and turn it into whatever you want to be. Alternatively, check out websites domains for sale in our Marketplace.

Why not learn more about domains by reading our informative articles below?



So Which Should I Choose?

If you have the budget and your name is available, you can’t go wrong with a .COM domain. However, due to the domain’s popularity, that’s often easier said than done.

Avoid needing to change domain names in the future, by weighing up the pros and cons in relation to your own needs. Try to choose a domain name that’s perfect the first time. Use our website name generator tool to see what’s available, and get some inspiration.

selection of different domain extensions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most trusted and reliable, .COM or .ORG?

Both are considered trustworthy and reliable, however, a .ORG would make the perfect fit for a non-profit organization, due to it being reserved for this type historically.

Is .COM better than .NET or .ORG?

Although you could perceive the .COM to be ‘better’, it depends on the type of business or personal website that you want to launch. If you’ve developed a new social network, it may make more sense .NET, and if you’ve started a charity, a .ORG might be a better fit.

How much do these domains cost?

Check out our Domain Pricing and Registration page to discover the price for the domain name of your dreams. If you would like to learn a bit more about the financial side first, read our handy guide, How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Domain Name?.

Is .CO similar to the .COM TLD?

They may look similar, but in reality, a .CO domain will usually cost less than a .COM. Another disadvantage .CO has is that people might confuse the two, and mistakenly end up landing on someone else’s site, rather than yours. Disaster!

It’s one of the oldest TLDs, and because the majority of websites use it, .COM is associated with popular brands, and has over time, become a credible choice for any type of website. In some ways, the price tag can help to show that you’re so serious about your brand, you’re willing to invest in it, even when it comes at a higher cost.

Can I use other TLDs instead of .COM, .ORG, .NET, .CO, and .BIZ?

There are hundreds of other alternative domains available, from a tech-forward .ai and .so, to a creative .art and .design, ready and waiting to be snapped up. It might be that the perfect domain to represent you, may not be one of the oldest, and that a modern, newly released domain might be the perfect match for you. What are you waiting for?

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