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Real estate entrepreneur Jeff Greene put it best: you make 10% of your money in real estate because you're a genius and 90% because you catch a great wave. Snapping up one of these new TLDs aimed at various sectors of management, investment, and estate is a fire way to do just that. With the release of new gTLDs specific to property, trade, assets and management, reaching your target market has never been easier.

Research, management, operations, and risk evaluation play a huge part in any investment strategy, whether it’s for real estate, stocks, or venture capital. To make it easier for you to find the most relevant new domain for you, we’ve bundled together the TLDs that could arguably work for any firm.



The new .ventures gTLD has been available for some years now. Being such a generic term, it’s attractive to a variety of websites, allowing any type of business venture to gain footing on the internet, and open the gateway to a global marketplace.

Whether you’re a venture capitalist, management advisory firm, or help connect real estate investors with properties, a .ventures domain name gives the impression that your company is cutting edge in your field of work and willing to take risks.


Holdings can mean anything from land and property to stocks, and any other financial assets. Stock brokers and day traders — basically anyone working in investments — could use a .holdings domain to make their mark online.

This domain extension adds a sense of legitimacy to financial institutions. In a time when public faith is dwindling, you can better establish trust with clients and procurers with a .holdings domain. It conveys a sense of legitimacy and can be the difference between someone visits in your website or that of your competition.


If you’re a land owner or property management firm, this TLD is ideal for any properties you may want to put online, whether it’s for direct sales, rentals or even sublets. .estate is more than just about property, though. Attorneys that specialize in wills and estate management can find .estate to be a great way to stand out from their competition that uses a standard .com domain. .estate is as flexible as your business.

Any business with “Estate” in their name should take advantage of this TLD.


.land is the TLD realtors and real estate investors have been waiting for. As you know, real estate is all about location, location, location. Anyone buying, selling, developing or managing land has found their prime space online with a .land domain. A website with a .land TLD can communicate your range of services and amenities related to your properties directly to potential owners with this short and punchy domain extension.


Make your website sparkle with a .diamonds domain.This exciting new gTLD lends a sense of prestige and excellence to any company operating in luxury industries. Anyone in brand management and PR could use this domain extension to showcase their clients, for example.


The dictionary definition of an enterprise describes a business or company, and, a project or undertaking, especially a bold or complex one. These connotations lend themselves perfectly for businesses and individuals to give their new website an extra bit of bang for the buck.

Use .enterprise to launch your real estate acquisition company, an investment profile or a management portfolio for example. Businesses, management consultancies agencies, and any other professionals wanting to launch their online business now have a credible namespace with .enterprises.


Good management is the key to the success of a project, and the foundation of a successful venture starts with strong leadership. With a .management TLD as part of their domain name, those who lead have their own namespace. This extension lets you assert yourself to prospective clientele.

Anyone looking for management solutions can quickly identify your company before they even click on your site in the search results with this TLD.


Startups and established companies alike must establish themselves online to remain competitive. Consumers make decisions based on search engine results, and if you’re not featuring, you’re handing clients to your competitors. The .company TLD offers a way to distinguish yourself in a busy marketplace, especially if the word “company” is in your business’s name.

Using a standout extension will make an impression early on and make sure your website gets noticed in a sea of generic .coms.


Are you a leader? Do you have what it takes to seize the opportunities that companies have and take them into the future? Prove it with a website that has your own .CEO web address. This new namespace provides an area online where CEOs like yourself can build profile pages, share experiences and collaborate. If you’ve worked to the top of your organization, let people know with a .CEO domain. No other gTLD caters exclusively to CEOs.


Tell the world about your management, real estate or investment solutions with a .solutions domain name. Million of people take to the internet everyday to search for answers for their problems. They’re also seeking guidance for larger endeavours like selling property or taking advantage of overseas investment opportunities. Make it easier for anyone that’s looking for answers with a website that features this concise and relevant domain extension.


Go global or go home! The .international domain extension is for people who dream big, beyond their four walls, and domestic and international borders. If your business operates internationally let people know with a .international domain name. Does your management firm have offices worldwide? Is your real estate business operating in more than one country? Do you provide international investment strategies? These are just a few examples of how this gTLD can be put to work.


Like .international, global describes something the whole world, the global economy for example. Global also relates to something that’s all-encompassing, for example, do your management services offer a global picture of what is involved in a project? This domain extension has opened up a world of possibilities, the sky's the limit with a .global domain.

Set yourself apart with a new TLD

Using a unique and industry specific TLD will allow your to set yourself apart from your competition. Management, real estate and investment are all highly lucrative and competitive fields. You’re going to have competition no matter what and every advantage will help. These TLDs will elevate your digital brand and help your unique offerings get noticed.

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