Ready-Made TLDs for Service Professionals

If you’re doing any kind of on-site work, you simply can’t market yourself effectively without the web. The internet’s sprawl can make it hard for homeowners and landlords to find the right service personnel to get the job done and you need to help them. To feature in search listing and stand out from your competitors, you need a domain name that instantly speaks to the services you offer.

New top-level domains (TLDs) have every angle covered when it comes to repairs, contracting, and construction. Get a domain on one of the following TLDs for a website that’s truly specific to the services you offer.

Domain extensions for service professionals


Use a .plumbing domain to keep business flowing, no matter what part of the industry you work in. .plumbing is perfect for on-site service specialists, contractors working construction sites, materials suppliers, or even sites offering advice to homeowners who want to repair their toilets and sinks.


As the adage goes, the right tool for the right job, and a .equipment domain tells searchers and shoppers alike that you offer a better chance for them find exactly what they need. Whether you sell hardware or stock hiking gear, this .equipment tells dealers, suppliers and customers where to find you. Many online retailers have adopted this top-level domain, including climbing suppliers Rab. Check out and get inspired.


Brighten up an otherwise standard website with a .lighting domain. Lighting manufacturers and specialists can grab the spotlight with this eye-catching TLD. Take inspiration from LEDnews who lit up up their website with this new domain extension by creating the memorable URL for their LED lighting solutions forum.


.construction covers anyone involved in the industry, making it the perfect catch-all for contractors and firms working in residential and commercial construction alike. Build a website that’s not only unique, but describes your offerings succinctly with this gTLD. Anyone looking for building and infrastructure services will know where to find you with a .construction domain extension.


Businesses that provide contract services now have a namespace to represent what they do. With .contractors, you can sum up what you do with your website address alone. In a competitive field, contractors and other freelancers need to stand out, and with a .contractor URL you’ll have an edge over your competition. It’s not just for construction; EXPOROAD created a unique URL that instantly branded their website. Visitors have a clear sense of what they offer before even clicking on their site in the search listings.


If you’re in the business of fitting kitchens, designing kitchen spaces, or any other related service, .kitchen has you covered. It’s perfect for inspiration sites; you’re sure to pique the interest of anyone looking for ways to transform their kitchen with this punchy gTLD. You can even use it for your recipe blog!


If you’re handy with a circular saw or have a penchant for plaster, a .builders domain is a great tool to help you get customers. Anyone specializing in building work needs a website where people can locate them and get inspired by your past projects. Building materials companies can use a .builders domain to speak directly to clients and help them understand new techniques and materials available.


Make it clear what your business specializes in with a .glass domain. For anyone that works with glass, this domain extension offers a fantastic way to brand a website in the most descriptive way possible. There’s plenty of scope for this domain extension, whether you’re a contractor specializing in windows, have a glass repair shop, or do anything else related to glass.


Show potential customers that you take repair to the next level by creating a new website on the .repair TLD. This new top-level domain will let your customers know that no matter what problem they have, you are ready, willing, and able to fix it. Specialty repair professionals in every field can snag a domain that helps them stand out in the search listings. Check out to see how one software company is helping its customers recover their broken presentations.


The .house top-level domain is a great fit for all manner of home services. This new extension represents an opportunity for builders, cleaners, interior designers, real estate agents, surveyors — basically anyone connected to services for the home — a chance to establish a website with a TLD that’s focused on their industry. Sole traders and small businesses alike will appreciate the edge this domain will offer their website over their competition.


Not to be left out, solar panel manufacturers and installers now have their own namespace. Solar energy is the future of how we power our homes, and using a .solar TLD is a bright way to make your mark on the web. Appeal to your target audience with a domain that shows that you are leading the way in alternative energy like a business providing solar panels for the home.

Sell your services with a new TLD

With a domain name that highlights the services you offer, your target demographic will have a better chance of understanding who you are, and what's on offer. Whether they find your domain on a business card, on a flyer, in a newspaper ad, or in the search listings, a specialized TLD lets you stand out from the increasingly-crowded .com domain name space.

When you’ve decided on the right TLD, look no further than Namecheap to get your domain registered and launch yourself online. We don’t stop at the point of sale, our domains come with free dynamic DNS, URL forwarding, Whois protection, and more.

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