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Over the past few years, I’ve written a number of times quite passionately about our hosting platform. I’ve covered some important topics such as Can a Domain Registrar be a Good Web Host, Changing The Rules on Registrar Hosting and have given insight into our underlying SSD Hosting Technology platforms.

If you are an existing Namecheap customer that uses our hosting and would like to learn more about the underlying technological foundation that our service is built on, I encourage you to read my previous posts, linked above.
Similarly, if you are reading this as a customer of a different hosting company and are considering Namecheap, these articles give you an objective insight into the technology that enables us to proudly deliver the service that we do (and we’ll transfer you for free from your existing hosting provider).

But today’s post isn’t about nostalgia. Today’s post is to cover exciting improvements that we’re making to make what we think is the best hosting service around even better. My personal mantra of ‘better never stops’ very much rings true!

  • A stable, fast, resilient connection to the internet is paramount in delivering a great service. Without robust and reliable internet connectivity, nothing else matters as no one has access to our servers or websites. We’re taking our approach to network performance a step further with our recent deployment of Noction. Noction intelligently predicts network problems in remote networks before and as they happen, and prevents these from impacting the Namecheap network — your connection to the internet. Think of a road and highway network. Your own stretch of highway might be free and open but congestion in another part of the network means you are unable to drive where you want, when you want. The global internet isn’t too difficult and previously, issues in a third party network – between the Namecheap network and a consumers’ ISP – could cause higher latency and poorer performance, despite the Namecheap network operating at full health. Noction’s intelligent platform identifies these issues and sends traffic around problem hotspots in a much quicker fashion than the regular BGP approach does. Noction is now fully active across all of Namecheap’s networks in our Phoenix datacenter covering all hosting products.
  • SpamExperts! Enjoy a spam-free email inbox again with SpamExperts, now available across all of our shared hosting plans. Anyone purchasing a shared hosting plan today has SpamExperts enabled by default. You can configure this and manage your anti-spam settings through the SpamExperts link in cPanel. Existing customers get SpamExperts too and this can be enabled through the SpamExperts area of cPanel.
  • Faster databases with MariaDB. MariaDB is the default database for all new hosting signups. Created by the original founders of MySQL, who spun off MariaDB as new software with all of the features of MySQL but increased performance, this offers a faster, more reliable database platform for all of your scripts and applications.
  • Choose your own PHP version. With our PHP selector, available across our entire server fleet, you can choose your preferred PHP version to suit any requirements/compatibility needs.
  • Security improvements. Per our security through obscurity, we do not publicly disclose specifics around security improvements but I can share we’ve recently rolled out improvements to application-level security, as well as wider DDoS threats.

I hope you find these improvements as exciting as our team does. They are all now fully rolled out and available at no additional charge to new and existing Namecheap hosting customers. And of course, the hard work doesn’t stop here. We continue to evolve and enhance our hosting products and will report back later in the year with more news.

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